The Ultimate Chart Patterns Trading Course for Beginners (40 Minute Expert)

Chart patterns trading course for beginners – learn chart patterns and how to trade crypto chart patterns

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0:00 Chart patterns trading course
0:50 Chart patterns basics
3:27 Chart patterns skills
4:41 Reversal patterns
5:23 Double top
7:37 Double bottom
9:12 Alternative method
10:57 Use other technicals
12:16 Triple top & bottom
13:01 Head & shoulders
15:33 How to draw Head & shoulders pattern
16:02 Slanted neckline
16:53 Inverse Head & shoulders
17:40 Formations
18:07 Ascending triangle
20:57 Descending triangle
22:27 Symmetrical triangle
26:03 Wedges
26:35 Rising wedge
27:50 Falling wedge
28:58 Ascending channel
33:09 Descending channel
34:52 Consolidations
36:49 Rounding bottom
38:07 Cup & handle
38:46 Pro tips

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  1. 6:25 In general, why buyers are forcing prices up? and the seller pushing it down? in the real world is not it supposed to be another way around? buyers are supposed to buy cheaper and sellers are supposed to sell higher. what's exactly wrong with this price war between buyers are sellers.

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