The BEST Crypto Trading Strategy To 10x Your Portfolio

Crypto trading strategy to 10x – crypto day trading
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0:00 10x Crypto Trading Strategy
0:28 Onchain analytics
1:46 Realised price
3:52 Trends of flows
6:00 NUPL
7:07 Expansions
8:34 MVRV
9:24 200 SMA
12:23 DCA
22:58 Altcoins
29:01 Day trading

Apex DeX:

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  1. Attention all crypto traders! Nexo has introduced a noteworthy feature – simplified futures trading. This addition is more than just a mere update; it represents a deliberate step towards democratizing the crypto trading space, fostering an environment that welcomes traders of all levels with open arms.

  2. Great video. I watch several youtube videos on how to trade in the market but haven't made any headstart because they are either talking some gibberish or sharing their story of how they made it and I do not want to make mistakes by taking risks in my own hands

  3. Cryptocurrencies that align with current market trends tend to attract more attention. The utility of $ELF, its integration into gaming, and the potential for staking and governance participation make it relevant to today's crypto landscape. This is worthy to add on your portfolio.

  4. so what your saying is… go all in when the price is high..and sell when the price is loooow… lol j/k. If you have to re-iterate this basic trading concept to people and they can't grasp it… maybe suggest they go to Vegas instead. Probably better odds. Thinking about taking your trading course. You have the best channel out there imho. Thank you for sharing your insights~

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