If THIS Happens Cardano ADA Will 10X

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  1. @maxmaher You should become a Cardano delegated representative. Then you can have direct influence on how treasury funds are spent on marketing. I would back you.

    C.H. just did a bunch of interviews with crypro youtubers talking about the on chain governing .

  2. You keep talking about Cardano as though it's centralized, "Cardano team" this and that. It's decentralized, yes there are IOHK developers and teams, but there hundreds of totally separate teams that are working on the chain. As far as marketing or the budget as a whole, that's catalyst or the coming voltaire era, which again, decentralized, it's up to the entire chain to vote on the proposals. the price is not that relavant when we're talking about the building of a global monetary infrastructure. It's the technological breakthroughs that matter, the secure decentralization (doesn't turn on and off), lack of hacks, and lack of wallet draining simply from visiting a malicious website. You must sign for something to leave your wallet. Native assets vs smart contract NFTs and tokens.

  3. Cardano isn’t an investment because Charles doesn’t care about price. therefore his focus isn’t on his inventors, which is why Cardano won’t even hit all time highs in this bull run. Mark my words

  4. Elon Musk AI Grok created the Byte meme coin
    BYTE is another shib and pepe?
    What do you think about Byte, will it be a success or not, or will it grow parabolic soon.

  5. Cardano epitomises the original vision of crypto, a decentralised, secure & scalable solution using blockchain technology.
    For me, it's not about using crypto to get rich quick, its about developing the technology for the betterment of all.
    There are many blockchains our there that will boom and bust and make a few individuals better off, however it's difficult to identify where these chains will add value to the masses.

  6. I will be forever grateful to you, you changed my whole life and I will continue to preach on your behalf for the whole world to hear you saved me from huge financial debt with just a small investment, thank you Alisha Gibson.

  7. Bitcoin is on its way to breaking records, getting closer to hitting new high prices, showing that it's gaining more value and could go even higher than we've seen before. This could mean great things for people looking to invest, suggesting now might be a good time to get involved before it jumps even higher. It's an exciting moment that could change the game in general…managed to grow a nest egg of around 2.3Bitcoin to a decent 12Bitcoin….At the heart of this evolution is Pennie Thorne, whose deep understanding of both cryptocurrency and traditional trading has been instrumental. Her holistic approach to investment and commitment to staying abreast of market trends make her an invaluable ally in navigating this new era in cryptocurrency investment..

  8. Nonsense and I don’t even need to watch his video.

    Please, don’t follow some random youtube boys.
    They are trying to use u as their exit liquidity. Please, be smart with you money🙌🙌🙌. During the 2021 bull run and I have followed him. It was just……

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