What You Should Do When People Have Money And Can’t Afford Your Product | Sales Advice

Have you noticed that people always say your product is too expensive even when they have the money? Or your product or service is cheaper than the competition and they’re still complaining? Today I’m going to break down what you should do when people have money and can’t afford your product.

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Look, there are a few reasons why a client may be telling you they can’t afford your product or service even if they could. When I say that a lot of times, I’m not trying to offend anyone, I’m just a frugal person. And even with the frugal people like me, I’m going to show you how to combat that and get them to buy your product.

The first thing that could be an issue is you’re selling to the wrong person.

So you need to make sure you’re selling to the right person. That person may not really need your product or service, and they may think that the offer that you’re producing isn’t really what they’re looking for and they’re not really ready to make an investment. They also may not be the appropriate person to be the buying decision maker.

But the point I’m trying to make is you got to go after the right people. And that needs, you know, the right person that needs your product or service. And for them, it needs to be a priority, because if it’s not, they’re just not going to push through.

The other reason is they don’t have the confidence in your product or service. They may feel that your solution that you provide doesn’t really solve their problem, and won’t really provide the value they’re looking for. You need to listen and see what exactly they’re expecting to accomplish by adopting your solution.

Another issue is they don’t trust you. So if you’re selling something, you don’t have those case studies or testimonials or amazing reviews and stats, it’s hard to build that trust. You haven’t established a strong enough relationship with that prospect.

Another thing that you got to keep in mind is, they don’t trust themselves, not just you. They may feel like they’re at the stage where they won’t be able to leverage your product or service or fully put it into use.

So how do you handle a situation essence when someone’s not really willing to buy from you and you know they can afford it? Well, you want to ask questions like, what is your budget? If offered you a product or service at this price, would you have a deal? Be careful not to lower your prices.

And here’s the thing. When you ask questions like that, it’ll give you an understanding of what issues people have, and how you need to adjust your copy and your messaging to convert them over the line.

Is there a problem with the price or is there a problem with the product or the solution or what’s expected from it? These questions will help you figure out how to fine tune your messaging and your marketing, so you’ll get more conversions. And I want you to find your product or service and figure out how to make it more valuable to their business once you get this feedback by just making the adjustments. And let them actively justify the value of what you’re selling. Let them explain what they’re expecting as a solution to their specific problems and adjust to it.

And when you do that, you’ll win. That’s how you get people to convert. It’s not about convincing them, Hey, you should pay this because of this. It’s about what are the problem? Here’s the solutions and how it’s worth it for you, and where it’s saving your time. And the price may be expensive, but if you can break it down in an ROI format, yeah, you may spend five grand like we did on that software per month, but it makes my employee four times more efficient. That’s cheaper than hiring four more people.

So when you take all of this, it’ll help you understand how to come over objections, which is all that really happens when someone’s not willing to pay and they can afford it, and you got to figure out how to answer in your product, your service, your copy, and that’s how you win.

00:00 – Introduction
00:48 – Are You Selling To The Right People?
02:14 – People That Needs Your Product / Service
02:41 – They Don´t Trust You ( Start To build That Trust )
03:40 – Your Brand Is Not Top-Of-Mind
04:32 – Questions To Understand What Are Your Issues
05:25 – Is Not About The Problem, It’s About The Solution

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  1. One thing we do when customers try to drive down prices is to tell them how long it is since we increased our tarrifs. Usually helps. Early payment discounts are also a strategy we use that works (i.e. you give them something and they give you something). The reverse of that is the 'buy now get later' model which we offer when customers need to spend budget or lose it but aren't quite ready for the service itself.

  2. Thanks alot for the valuable information sir🙏🙏👏👏👏 and My question is if anyone work for digital marketing agency how to market other niches which is not ur passion at all …

  3. Great video! Targeting the right customer is key. I also like the point you made about customers not "ready" to invest. If only there's a way to speed up the "dating" process. Is there? 🙂

  4. There is a misconception about this. Just because some people might have some money in the bank doesn't mean automatically they have money in the bank to spend. I bet that those dollars are already counted for each pending expenses such as utilities, food, rent, and who knows what other bills they might have. If in case they do have money extra to spend, but refuse to spend it, it's probably because they can be more of a saver and not spender. There are so many reasons. And not to mention, courses tend to be a little over priced.

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