How to Make Money with YouTube Shorts in 2024 (Motivational YouTube Reels)

Do you want to make money with motivational YouTube Shorts and reels? Here’s exactly how you can do it. Get my training: 👉

Today I want to show you a strategy that gets 5M – 8M views on motivational reels and shorts. Give it a try!

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00:00 Intro
00:22 Concept Explained
01:19 Get Tools & Footage
02:22 CapCut Editing
03:59 Captions
05:01 Export & Upload
06:08 Title & Descrtiption
06:52 Where to 10x Your Results


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  1. Whats the Problem with the copyright. I can use it in shorts for this kind of shorts what you show in the Video, but you have to mute it and i dont understand why? Do i get Copyrightstrikes when i do the same shorts? I really dont understand it for long time. Youtube give you the option to put copryright music on your content but its not allowed to use it?

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