Best Crypto Wallets for Beginners!! (Hot + Cold Wallets)

Best crypto wallets for beginners – best crypto software and hardware wallets!!

MoneyZG Crypto Investor Course:

Trezor Hardware Wallet:
Ledger Hardware Wallet:

Binance $600 Bonus (non-USA):
Bybit $4,000 Bonus (Global):
Bitget $8,000 Bonus (USA+Global):
Use VPN to Protect Yourself:
Best Crypto Tools & Deals:


0:00 Best crypto wallets
0:31 Crypto hot vs cold wallets
3:08 Best crypto wallets (hot wallets)
5:01 Easy to use
5:40 Best crypto hardware wallets
8:35 Crypto wallet tips

Ledger Live
Ledger nano x
Ledger nano s plus
Trust wallet
Coinbase wallet

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  1. Should I get a cold wallet for my massive $150 worth of bitcoin? Lol. I somehow fell into a fakebook scam recently and they got access to my account, swapped all my different crypto for Shiba, so now I'm paranoid af… 😕 haha

  2. Prefer Infinity Wallet it has everything I need. Tested all wallets in the space and there is nothing like it in terms of interface, experience, security and features. 10/10 wallet that should get far more attention. Also it has its own web3 browser removing the need for browser extension wallets making web3 usage seamless

  3. What happens in this hypothetical situation: If get a Trust Wallet (which as you said is run/owned by Binance) and move crypto from Binance to Trust Wallet and the Binance goes insolvent. What happens then? Can you loose the crypto?
    This question is not just asking about Binance & Trust Wallet but any hot wallet that is related to an exchange.

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