How to Use Solana Phantom Wallet (Stake SOL, Send, Receive, Swap)

Solana Phantom Wallet tutorial – Swap SOL, SOL staking
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0:00 Solana Phantom Wallet
0:13 Install Phantom Wallet
0:56 How to setup Phantom Wallet Solana
3:06 Phantom Wallet mobile
3:36 Phantom Wallet settings
5:19 Buy SOL in Phantom Wallet
6:11 How to deposit to Phantom Wallet
7:47 How to withdraw from Phantom Wallet
9:23 Solana staking Phantom Wallet
12:41 JitoSOL staking
14:29 How to swap in Phantom Wallet
16:45 How to trade SOL

Phantom Wallet:

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  1. thank you for the video , I'm new to crypto and i just created a phantom wallet watching your video.{Yes i did it🤑} thank you again, your video is very educational. big shout out to you for looking out for everyone creating a Phantom wallet.

  2. We have been on a recession since the beginning of 2022, but big media and governments all over the world didn’t want to admit it. We need to be wise and use our brains. Knowledge is power and I’d like all the family to be powerful! Just purchased some AM

  3. I feel that the last bull run was bolstered by all the money being printed. Major returns next bull run but I think they will be tamer in my humble opinion. A 10x on AMS21D is and a 15x on polygon are fair considering how much those two coins are interwov

  4. Can you create a video of what NOT to do with solana tokens/nfts which may be scams or account drains. Show what to look out for in interacting with the tokens/nfts and the pitfalls that may initiate a drain on accounts.

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