I ditched the "making money online" niche (here's a 6 mo. update)

I ditched the “making money online” niche (here’s a 6 mo. update)

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I’ve been going through change after change since I started YouTube back in the day, and the biggest change being a channel pivot from the “Make Money Online” and “Side Hustle” niche to something more real, raw, and ME. There is so much wrong with the MMO niche, especially giving people high hopes and zero results for them. I loved the dopamine of that content skyrocketing my channel analytics but the reality is that there is no real way to learn money FAST if you don’t learn all of the complex things in between to actually see results like building funnels, finding traffic, etc. which are all ESSENTIAL to actually making money online. What do you think of this pivot?

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About Marissa Romero:
I’ve been running a business behind my YouTube Channels for the past 5 years, and have a collective 220,000 subscribers and over 8.5 million views on the platform. I help established Business YouTubers impact & scale more without the burnout, while also working less 😉. My goal is to help growing business owners leverage YouTube not only to create a steady stream of leads, but make it their primary marketing effort that allows scaling to happen seamlessly. Through my signature programs, I breakdown how to make your YouTube channel and business support your dream lifestyle in a way that allows you to create in peace and profit sustainably.

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  1. Hey Marissa, I love how informative and honest you are with each and every one of your videos. For those videos that you stated were 'Intermidiate or advanced' it's not difficult for people to do a google search on various terminology or to be able to familiarize themselves with what it is that your informing them of. You mentioned failing, people only truly fail, when they give up or decide to toss their failing upon others instead of taking responsibility for their actions or lack thereof. Know that the people who have honrstly supported you and your content are still here, and most like witll remain. Just keep being you and posting content that your proud of and you'll do great!

  2. This is happening to alot of youtubers. Sometimes just starting a new channel can fix things. People I've watch since 2018 are all seeing less views while others are being pushed. I saw your FB ad and came looking for you. I forgot all about this channel. Nice to see you again.

  3. If it is too advanced how is anyone but you supposed to take action on it? Simple is simple but advance is just so much… If 80% is mindset why bother with the keep it simple because you know people will watch mindset you choose earlier? Mindset seems like it can't argue with pure results!!!!!!!

  4. All of them Know your name‼️Rosanna Pansino, All In Podcast, Lily Singh, Mr Beast, Cryptorus George, Mrs Noelle Randall she’s awesome. Impact Theory, Minority Mindset Meet Kevin & Graham Steph, Brian Jung credit card kid, Roberto Blake, Max Maher…… keep doing your thing people follow your Beauty the Blind can see! 🙏🏽 💪🏽 🌍

  5. Oops should’ve waited to finish the video before commenting 😬 lol that Algorithm topic super facts (yes I’m from New York lol) even the exchanges are withholding short spikes in trends on your own crypto platforms and you miss gains I’m sure they do on purpose. Anyway forget crypto more about Marissa and how she’s proven consistent breed results.

  6. Serious question. Do you know the capacity of your YouTube contacts. Not the ones in your personal contacts. I’m 1000% sure nearly every YouTuber who’s been consistently posting for the past 5yr+ knowns of you more than many “top” tubers. Your a true TubeBuddy take advantage of this “Podcast Style” and your followers/supporters and we shall tune in more. Show us them not current events

  7. I have thoughts I would love to share but I am in slow motion right now LOL When I am all the way awake I'll be back and hopefully I'll be able to share my long winded series of thoughts in a nutshell. I appreciate the video however, it was like having a chat with a friend.

  8. Great vid Marissa. Unfortunately MMO content videos attract those who want to go from zero to Lambo in 2 weeks, all with minimal to no effort, with no long term vision, with no focus, and without any willingness to invest in their business and/or themselves. When they take the leap, and things don't work out…they blame the person who recommended the program or strategy to them. The lack of personal responsibility is astounding in the make money online industry.🙄 However, people can thrive with an online business…if they are committed, constantly learn, grow, and FOCUS on ONE thing long enough for it to work out.

  9. I totally get you Marissa. It's hard to continue something that doesn't resonate with you anymore.

    I used to be like that several years ago and started a channel that doesn't resonate with me. I cringed with my previous videos literally while I was deleting them. We love content creators who are genuine 😊 The right crowd will come!

  10. whoa i'm literally sitting here watching your video and kept seeing something move on the side of my screen. So i looked and it was the views going up while I was watching this video. This is a sign, your channel is going to become better then ever.

  11. Love your honesty and do what makes you happy. I am one of those people looking for a long term business and not quick, get rich type. Have already begun the business and will continue to watch your videos. Thank you !

  12. Marissa, you should be true to yourself. Consider to make any content in your name, which is a great brand which you built up! Think Martha Stewart….she branched out into anything she wants after establishing herself.

  13. I am a later subscriber and I have my MBA but you dive deeper into things I need so that I can work on my publishing and writing business and I love to see the new you and see you more as a person but while I clean and or work on my novel.

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