How To Make Money with APIs & AI (Full Guide)

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Introduction 0:00
What is an API? 0:15
API Business Blueprint 2:34
Step 1: Find Ideas 3:14
Step 2: Build the API 6:39
Step 3: Host and Publish 8:23
Step 4: Promote 9:54
Rinse and Repeat 12:00
Access Private Discord and Forum 12:32

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  1. Please I can't get an opportunity to create chatgpt or OpenAI account by being in Ethiopia. Please is there any means you recommend me. Otherwise all my voyage of learning with chatgpt is going to left useless . Would you help me any alternative to access?

  2. That is Great, but complicated topices like that must requires a lot of explanation to simplify things in order to understand better. I wich to do anther vedio that you will explain all the techniques and details step by step.

  3. Hello from Argentina, I would like to know why Forbes is ranking better than me for makeup review products. I test the products myself and also their dupes, and analyze their density. They, instead do not do anything, just put the Amazon pictures and I put pictures with real products. The same when I tested two one-shoulder dress for events, and many examples in makeup and fashion.

  4. I wish you had explained in Arabic because you are a successful and skilled person in conveying information and I have been following you since you had 20k, so I wish you had make a full course on chatgpt in Arabic. It would be a beautiful and new idea in the Middle East. I wish you success and continued progress βœ…πŸ’ͺ🏻

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