How To GET PAID $10,000 in 30-60 Days with just $100 | Marissa Romero

How To GET PAID $10,000 in 30-60 Days with just $100 | Marissa Romero
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This is your crash course on how to make 1000s of dollars online from home. I’m going through all of the tools and strategies you need in place to be able to be successful online. Trust me, if I was able to do it in 2018 with zero knowledge at all, then you will be able to do it too! Let’s start making huge passive income online so that you can leave your 9-5 as soon as possible!

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Hi, I’m Marissa Romero and I am a YouTuber, SEO growth, and video marketing expert with a multiple 6-figure business who helps go-getters build, grow, and scale their brand and business by leveraging the YouTube platform.

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  1. Did you start your business as an LLC or did you just start as a sole proprietor? Just trying to figure out the easiest way to get started selling digital products. Maybe start as sole proprietor and then after I've made some sales form an LLC. Anyway, thanks so much for all of your content.

  2. So maybe I missed something which most of us do at some point in time however I have a friend who has 700 plus videos on her channel and still is not getting much traction at all what would you recommend for that because without the traction all of the other recommendations

  3. I really wanna pay for the membership but I don’t have the quarterly payment rn and I’m really sad today is the last day 😞 good luck to everyone who gets to join, you’ll do great

  4. so I have experience in mortgage servicing dealing with the foreclosure processes. what could I teach in a course without legal recourse since I am not an attorney?

  5. I have been quietly following, learning and building up the courage (Starting with ZERO internet marketing knowledge) for a hot minute.. Today, this video, hit different. Thank you for your authentic approach, it comes thru loud & clear; making this first step not as intimidating✓ Again, Thank you. With both nervous and EXCITED energy, I would like to move forward with you and your guidance. What is my very next step to do that? Please advise. Looking forward, to looking back, with gratuity, humility and success. Help me get there. P.s. your content, STANDING OVATION!

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