I Created a Full Business With AI in 24 Hours

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  1. Am I the only one to wonder where he got the database from ?
    It's the sinews of war, isn't it?
    The rest is technical and can at worst be outsourced, the real added value is the data, but he says nothing about it

  2. Great information, its appreciated. In my opinion, I would definately get rid of all the annoying popping noises and sfx in the video. they were driving me nuts! just sayin… Keep making videos, you are a wealth of information! thank you!

  3. I've been using Bluewillow and been improving on my prompts to generate better images. A video also came across that you can selll your prompts online instead of the actual generated images.

  4. hii Sir how are you i need your help (kryptex) application because i start now and here showing only (0.20) per month please help me and reply me ass soon ass possible i am veery saad because i am leaving in UAE and less job

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