Crypto update with Bitcoin, Ethereum and all Altcoin getting pummelled.

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0:00 Stinky charts
3:17 Stinky rates
6:14 Stinky fundamentals
8:51 Stinky adoption
11:11 Stinky uncertainty

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  1. Makes me wonder if the creators/founders decide on the prices because they some how manage to sell when crypto reaches its peak and buy at its lowest everytime. Plus any major positives seem to do nothing with regards to bullish behaviour, especially more recently.

  2. decentralize on payment/transfer (bypass bank), but still centralized on us dollar and bitchcoin. just make a coins that bound its liquidity to all currency combined… big liquidity pool paired to yen, euro, riyal, etc. so if this biatch coin down some others wont fall too

  3. Do you have some good info on how to set up DCA? Do you hold most on CEX? Or DEX? I’m trying to determine if staking on DEXs accrues more value long term (pros /cons), Vs CEXs. CEXs seem to be sold out for staking in 60 or 90 days. SOS. Does your course contain this info?

  4. 0:43 "Some fundamentals that just give me some ray of hope (laugh)" <Words of a broken/breaking man "hope, there is none". I would suggest anyone thinking of selling, not to. BTC is now in the $30k's, so the price is too low to "sell and get back in lower" now, that ship has sailed.

  5. Thanks mate, but can you please explain the assumptions/calculations behind a "P/E ratio" for a blockchain? I've never seen it applied outside of the stocks environment so intrigued by the concept of using it for digital assets- but they are a very different beast.

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