Unlock Success Podcast | Why Your New Year's Resolution Won't Work


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  1. Yes. It takes sacrifice to achieve goals. I would also refer to one of your earlier videos where you state, that when making goals, you need to celebrate the small (sometimes small but then they become bigger) successes. Plus, if you want to make more money and be successful on your internet/ affiliate business don't chase the shiny object! find a program that will go step by step in explaining and showing what to do, how to do it and what tools you'll need to do it. It's why I became a Partner With Anthony member/ student. For anyone out there who want to succeed there is no better place than PWA. Thanks for the video. Good Luck to Everyone in 2021!

  2. Thank you Anthony to teach us why we fail to make our resolutions and how to achieve the resolutions for New year 2021. This YOUTUBE is educative to us who are beginning online business and other business . Like it

  3. I'm not one for resolutions, they generally don't get done. Your reasons are a good start for me. This is one thing I should work on. I don't have many of the negative items, thank goodness. TV is always a big one. That's a place for me to start.

  4. Anthony. The only places I am saving money is by not going out for lunch with Friends, & Coffee with my Husband, & with the CO-VID virus world, the Restaurants & coffee shops are Closed. (Who wants to sit out in the cold?) And I am Still biting the bullet. What I need to do is get the Skills I need & learn Marketing.

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