The #1 Most Important Question You Must Answer When Choosing Your Niche

When you are choosing your niche or learning how to make money online, it can feel OVERWHELMING but the simple way to find your niche is here:

If you are struggling to choose the right niche, be sure to go through my free how to choose a lucrative niche training course here:

Other videos you will get TONS of value from.

The 5 step process for building an extremely successful online business:

How to choose your niche:

How to make money with affiliate marketing:


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  1. Since the day I discovered your channel everything makes sense in the digital world! You are the real deal Miles ! Thank you for showing the reality!

    I'm into the construction industry as a sales representative and I've been learning digital marketing for a while as side hustle. The result I want to provide to my audience is more sales/leads for general contractors, architects etc. Its an industry I'm passionate about.

    The thing is I live in France and I'm hesitant going international since I got an english accent… And when you say I should 1st get the results for myself before providing my services. Do you mean get results for my own digital marketing website or for beta test construction company?

    Would appreciate it if you can reply… it would help me get my last piece of the puzzle! 🙏

  2. Hey Miles, just read your post about your backlinking strategy and have a couple of questions: 1) When you used the outfit in the UK, for the $2,500, did they create a single killer post and get 20 backlinks just for it? If so, did you repeat this twice more for a total of three posts with 20 backlinks each? 2) If this is the case, did these three posts with a total of 60 backlinks managed to double the traffic for your entire site? (I'm assuming that the backlinking strategy wasn't applied to your pre-existing posts). Please advise…Thanks.

  3. Get a new camera setup? Your videos look sharper now, I can see a lot more details in your eyes now, a6400? Less overly compressed and much sharper. Nice improvement, and as always good tips. Thank you for your consistency and valuable tips for someone just starting out in digital marketing.

  4. As usual … great stuff. But I'm sol overwhelmed and can't quite know where to start from… so many set backs, so many fraud schemes …. Keep on trying till get it right … Cheers Miles for the power dose

  5. My wife and I bought a new domain yesterday "WeCreateHappy" yesterday. Currently, we have people asking us how to create a similar type of simple e-commerce physical product business in Singapore. We thought of providing information to people on setting up the business / company, handling the accounts with software, getting freelancers to do design / logo and other stuffs, getting your own website up vs only on shopping platform / Facebook / Instagram etc… And we do have affiliate links for these products that we find truly helpful in our gift business.

    I am playing with wordpress and trying to set up this new project. 😀 Haha.. Thanks for all your sharing Miles!! Truly inspiring and helpful, and we have so many take-aways that we also share with our own friends. Own our own racecourse rather than build for others. 😀

  6. This is awesome definitely a great way to find out the niche your meant to be in. I also think that it depends on what your dedicated to learning and being able to map out the actionable steps to get those results

  7. Powerful bro, straight from South Africa. Here is a niche though, try marketing something on Facebook that Facebook actually don't allow paid advertising for. SA is a leader in the hunting and conservation field but we can only rely on organic posts. If you have any idea on how to create a sales funnel in this field I would love te hear from you. I am a professional photographer and aim to enter into marketing consulting business with a company that supplies products in this field. Please have an open mind 😉. I hope I'm just missing something as I've been complaining this for quite a while now.

  8. I completely agree with you Miles. I think when it comes to niche selection its all about picking something you're extremely passionate about and have some experience in. If you're willing to consistenly get better and educate yourself in a niche you can start in it. Being an expert is not necessary, your level of expertise will be measured by the amount of value you add to the marketplace. Once again, thanks for the content keep going! Look forward to the next one 🙂

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