Keyword Research For SEO – How To Find The Best Keywords Practically!

This is Part 2 of the Full SEO Mastery Course, In this video, I will talk about the First Step, which is Keyword Search For SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I will show you practically how to find the best keywords to use on your website and rank on google to get free organic traffic.

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Topics Covered:
Introduction To Keyword Research 0:00
Sum up Part One 1:29
Select My Article Topic 2:39
Select Keywords For My Article 3:57
Questions Explorer Tool 12:00
Summary 13:26
What’s Next 14:31

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  1. hey hassan I am bogging from past 8 months and I am not able to get a singe traffic from google, I just wanted to know whether your tool is genuine or not bcz i don't want to waste my time. Wating for your reply

  2. How many different keywords should i use in one article? And in the video you have shown the question research tool so do i have to use those full questions in my article or just some part of that question by removing how where types of words?

  3. I searched the keyword "affiliate marketing meaning" first in the free keyword research tool of h-educate and then searched the same keyword in semrush, In h-educate, the keyword difficulty is n/a but in semrush, the keyword difficulty is 74. I want to know the reason for difference.

  4. I have an account on zazzle / spreadshirt. I want to know sir shall I use this method finds keywords for tagging So that the my products can appear on the first or it can Rank higher on that particular website. If you can please reply.

  5. Nice tutorial! And create to have some free tools to use as well. My personal favorite is Ahrefs keyword explorer (a cheap paid tool). Then you would also be able to see domain rating on the top ranking websites on your targeted keyword + number of links to the top ranking websites as well. πŸ™‚ But really great tips!

  6. Thanks Hassan for this free keyword research tool. this is very helpful for those like me who dont want to spend money on those expensive tools. You are so positive and inspiring.

  7. I love his courses. I am so tired of the so called gurus, this man is showing you how to build your business without all the expensive courses costing $500 To $1,000 which teach you nothing!

  8. i really love the tutorial i just finish marketing digital course but through your tutorial i can understand more better than the course i did ,
    i just started online drop-shipping store and got no traffics to my store , should i edit all the products titles on my site to the most searchable keyword on google

  9. You are my mentor..and what you are doing… website is not enough to ranm just by keywords research and on page seo please… tell some advance stetigies to rank on google which is really working…

  10. hi hasan his are I flow your video I created blog own Health and Fitness I just requested for hosting on name cheap I buy domain .but this h-supertool don't work here in Germany I don't know why I trying lots time

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