#1 Most Counter-Intuitive Success Secret Revealed – This May Be Holding You Back!

Tired of feeling stuck in your business? Wonder why others seem to achieve success WAY FASTER than you? This video reveals their secret!

in this video you are going to learn the most counterintuitive secret to success. We’re going to talk about what this is. It’s based on the quote and then we’re going to go into a real world example so you can understand how to apply this in your business because it’s one thing to learn the idea.

It’s another thing of how does this work in my business and that’s what we’ll get to. First and foremost, what is this counter intuitive success secret? Well, the quote is by I think his name’s Bill Watson, and he’s the founder of Ibm International Business Machines and he stated that if you want to increase the rate of success, you need to double your rate of failure. I want to say that again. If you want to succeed faster, you need to fail more.

Specifically, he said double your rate of failure. Now, the idea here that might take away from this is most people are frozen with fear, right?

A lot of people have a fear of failure. Fear is a very strong emotion. And people who have a fear of failure, they end up getting stuck in research mode and they do nothing but research and analyze and they get to that point of analysis paralysis, which means they’re not taking any action.

They’re cramming more ideas into their noggin there, taking zero actions and they get absolutely overwhelmed and there is a 0% chance this approach is ever going to lead them to the success that they desire.

Now on the flip side of this, there is another personality type. And I run across these individuals every once in awhile. And I personally happen to have a little bit of this in me and that is they learn just enough to get going.

They learn just enough to be dangerous and then they blaze forward and they start creating things and they start publishing things and they’re putting up wordpress sites and youtube channels and videos and ads and landing pages and, and most of them are rubbish at first and they get a little better and a little better cause they keep going.

You see the real key here, and these are the types of people who create success, massive success in their world.

The real key here is the understanding that the success you desire is actually on the other side of failure, right?

In fact, there is no such thing as failure: https://www.milesbeckler.com/no-such-thing-as-failure-mindset/

Because success is on the other side of failure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBgwU_EPX3w

A lot of people who are looking at failure thinking, I don’t want to do that, are never going to fail, which means they’re never going to get through failure over to success. Then there’s another personality type that’s like, okay, I really want that. I don’t fully know how to get there.

Everyone in this world who’s created anything that’s noteworthy, had no clue how they were going to create it. They knew they were going to create it. They started, they took action, and they failed their way forward to actually get to the success that they desire. Does this make sense? Success is on the other side of failure. You have to go through failures to find success, which is why a fear of failure is not serving you at all. Let it go. Embrace failure.

Put up messy first drafts of things. Put up terrible first videos just like I did. You’ll get better. And if you stick with it, eventually you’ll find that which works for you, for your audience, et Cetera. Now, the real world scenario that I promised, because this is great in theory, how does this actually physically work in a real business? So last month I went to a bunch of different masterminds and at one of the masterminds it was a private mastermind by invite only.

It was the top 10 affiliates for a program on Clickbank, one of clickbank’s top programs. The youngest kid in the room is absolutely dominating. He, um, he’s using Instagram for most of his traffic amongst a few other things. He’s a really unique approach. He is not doing things traditionally and now he’s at a point where he realizes that his business is kind of hinges on a few core offers that other people own and he wants to build his own offers to kind of give him some stability within his business model. No, it’s great to be an affiliate. I love being an affiliate and so does he. But it’s also great to own that transaction, to own that customer. It does come with some benefits. So we’re on the phone and he’s like, how do I get there? What’s that offer? He’s trying to figure out what is this compelling offer?

What’s that irresistible offer that might people want? And instead of saying and helping them realize that it’s this one thing that they want, because I don’t know what that is. He doesn’t know what that is. The real core idea for him right now is go make lots of offers, go make micro offers, do lots of little things and see what people respond to.


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  1. Miles I am a big fan of yours and your emails have been so encouraging. This video was very informative. Thanks so much. I wanted to know what kind of camera you use for your videos? The picture is so clear and your audio is awesome. I am interested in starting a YouTube Channel and I want to know.

  2. You say failure, I say feedback. At the end of the day, the only true failure os giving up. If you try something and it doesn't work out how you wanted it to, that is feedback. Not failure. It is a chance to make the corrections you need to make and try again. Feedback is a beautiful thing. It is the treasure map to success. More feedback gets you to the treasure faster… who doesn't want that?

  3. Hey Miles, Thanks I needed that!! Just to let you know, I recently purchased A2 hosting via your affiliate link. Made me feel good to support your channel.
    Now to get it launched. Failure or not. … Peace, thanks for all the giving you do.

  4. Thank you for giving me permission to go fail fast. Thank you for this free consultation session. I am taking action tonight before I go to bed to jumpstart the momentum. God knew I needed to hear this. 🙏

  5. Great video Miles.
    I remember when I first started online I was so scared of putting the work in because of self-doubt and fear of failure. It took me a long time to get over that but once I looked at failure differently and as a learning tool, that’s when I started to succeed more.

    I’m still guilty of it from time to time so this was a good little reminder to kick my ass back into gear – thanks 👌

  6. I actually did a similar video on my channel: Vision Advanced. I'm 60 days in to my 120 day challenge. My subscribers are low but I'm going to make the time to do better with key word research and other optimization methods. I'm ok with the imperfections and am working on improving the product. I was one of the Frozen ones for about a year and a half. I am also launching a few products over the next couple of weeks. I didn't consider the 80/20 rule though. You just gave me more incentive to test, revise and redo Thanks again for your efforts.

  7. Dude, that was the best video you have shared since I have been following you. So much wisdom and advice.
    Give yourself permission to fail. Success we all desire is on the other side of failure.
    I think most people have an aversion to failure. We have been taught not to risk and that failure is the end. In truth it is only the beginning. Thanks for the new paradigm shift. It is truly all in our heads and the mindset we hold. Break free from that and sky is the limit.

  8. Great video Miles. I’m admittedly on the side of who’s afraid to fail… but working on it! I don’t know why but I am. Funny enough I’m very confident in most areas of my life.. so this is kinda an internal conflict ahah… the thing is I started recently to try things out and putting the fear aside in an Ecom business that I own… and just found there’s a brand new world on the other side! Thanks for your inspiration!

  9. I want to write copy for business owners, I just don't know if I'm there yet. This is what's keeping me from taking massive action. I don't want to fake it till I make it either. Thoughts?

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