1300 Native Ad Clicks and Only 2 Conversions – The Truth About Native Ads & CPA Marketing

In this sample native ads campaign for a CPA affiliate offer I describe some of the factors you need to consider when setting up new ads.

A lot of people come into native ads with the idea that they are going to get a ton of cheap traffic that converts but really its a game where you have to filter out a ton of crap before you find the “pockets” of gold.

Native advertising is like mining for Gold. Once you find a vein of high converting traffic you need to hit it hard – but to find those golden nuggets you need to test test test!

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If you are looking for sample ads and ideas then check out this video.

Here is what I cover:
1:30 Sample Campaign
1:42 MGID Spend
2:20 Sample Diet ads – on Native Ads
2:55 Tiered Traffic and Quality of Native ads
3:25 Ad managers
3:40 MGID vs Revcontent and Taboola
3:55 Target placements
5:30 Choosing Ad platforms
5:48 Clicks and traffic discrepancies
6:35 Landing Pages
7:25 Adplexity & Dscount at https://dayjobhacks.com/adplexity
8:00 Ads and Teaser Ids
8:25 Next Steps
9:35 Why Most People Fail
9:55 Final Tips for Native Ads.

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  1. what is your experience with languages? do you translate your ads and landing pages directed at a country's national language? or would you just use english all the time or for certain circumstances?

  2. Hey Joey thanks for all the info. What's the best way to get back onto Facebook? I have closed my personal account and I knew when I opened will never be allowed to post ads I'm guessing. Facebook told me to get one of my family members to let me use their account but no one will let me. I guess my family sucks. My bro said yes but he's been busy help me.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I think that running affiliate offers on native or on most ppc sources is just like gambling in a casino … most so called marketers don't even know what they are doing and what actually moves people to make a purchase in first place .

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