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Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to set up your conversions on Google AdWords onto ClickBank so you can determine from your AdWords interface what clicks and ads convert the best. Clicks and impressions do not matter – conversions are the end result and without conversions, clicks just equal to more money spent!!

This is the updated video to the one I made a few years back since Google changed their pixel layout and ClickBank did not update the documentation to reflect the change.

I will assume you already have a ClickBank account set up, and if not, just go to and sign up as an affiliate – it is incredibly simple to do.

I will start off by going to the ‘tools’ in the Google interface. We need to click the ‘conversion’ button with the little plus sign next to it and click on ‘website’, since we are trying to track clicks to our website.

Next, we should create a name for our conversion tracking to indicate what it is exactly that we want to track – perhaps a sign in? Maybe people who land on your order page? Or perhaps people who actually finished buying your product and landed on your thank you order form confirmation page?

For the ‘value’ field, we need to insert a value for our conversion – how much is our conversion worth to us? If it’s for a sale that was actually completed, perhaps we can put in the full dollar value of that sale. If your definition of conversion is something different, then you can create a value for that conversion to be whatever you see fit (for example everyone who signs up to my list is worth $xx to me).

For the ‘count’ value, we need to specify what we want to count as a conversion. If ONE person buys multiple products from us, is that one conversion, or multiple? The conversion window just specifies what time frame you want your conversion to track.

For ‘category’, we need to say what that conversion means to us. Is it just a visit to a particular page, is it a sale, or perhaps a lead that we generated? Because in our example we are tracking the order form and order form confirmation visits, we will input ‘visit of page’ for order form, and ‘purchase/sale’ for the order form confirmation.

Lastly, for ‘include in conversions’, we have to say yes. This is what determines whether Google will actively show the conversions in the columns on your ads bar to determine what ads/ad groups/campaigns work the best.

You will need to do this twice – once for the order form confirmation page and once for the order form.

We will then head over to ClickBank, go to ‘vendor settings’, then ‘site’, and scroll all the way to the bottom where you see the integrated sales reporting tab. You may already see some tracking pixels there if you have seen our previous video where we inserted our tracking pixels from ClickMagick ( Click on ‘add new’, or ‘edit’, and copy your Google ID from the ‘google id’ description you just pasted into your notepad. For the order form, input the ‘google conversion label’ series of numbers inside here. Do not copy the quotation marks though.

So copy the Google pixel ID, and then head over into each individual pixel you set up in Google Ads and grab the conversion label for the purchase pixel and then the view order page pixel, and paste it into ClickBank.

Click ‘save’ and you should be good to go right after you scroll back down and activate that pixel!

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!


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  1. So does this apply tracking on the vendor's pages I am promoting? Everywhere I have read says that you have to ask the vendor to apply the pixel directly, and if this circumvents that, then that would be so great!

  2. Anyone here had luck of Google ads tracking? I don't know what piece of code I need to add on my landing page so it shows as conversion on Google ads after they buy the product.

    I do landing page > CB Offer.

    I had 3 sales today and none of them showed

  3. If I have multiple ClickBank accounts do I use the same pixel in both accounts? Can google differentiate the data? Or should I create new tracking pixels for each account?
    Just found your content, I have watched like 3 hours of it so far. Awesome stuff!

  4. Hi, Ivan!

    Thanks for the detailed video, you rock!

    Just wanted to ask if it's better to choose NO for the "Include In Conversions" of actions aside from clickbank purchase in the long run?

    Let's say I got 1,000 purchases already and now I want to create a conversion-focused bid strategy.

    If I chose YES for the "Include In Conversion" setting of "Order form impressions" and other actions like outbound click (except purchase), would that mean that google would not solely optimize for purchases but also for people who only do initiateCheckouts or outbound clicks?

  5. Ivan, I did everything you said in the video, but my google ads conversion label isn't tracking anything. I"ve had 4 conversions already, but none were tracked 🙁 What can I do? Thank you for your time!

  6. Ivan, what if i want to track conversions from different products with different campaings, therefore with 2 different pixels? Should I create a subaccount for each product and do this process of the video per subaccount (1 pixel per subaccount?) ou can i install more than one pixel in a subaccount and atribute the events specifically to each product? Thank you for your time!

  7. If I have two conversion actions in my funnel: 1.) Landing page Cta button click & 2.) Clickbank purchase AND if my campaign is optimized for both the conversions, and for example, I switched to Target CPA after 20 conversions in a month, then for which conversion google will optimize my campaign for? For both?

  8. Hey @ivan, another question, I have added the tracking pixel into clickbank as shown, but the tracking pixel on google ads says "no recent conversion" and shows no tracked website, how does google ads know to track my affiliate page if its not in the ad itself? (Like I said I have a button in my landing page that leads to my affiliate page to avoid direct affiliate link in the ad) please let me know if I missed something
    P.s on the "page view" tag it says "no recent conversion"
    while the Purchase tag says "unverified" – which makes sense because there are no sales yet shown in my clickbank account.
    but then again both don't show any tracked website

    Basically what I'm trying to figure out is how to track the "conversion rate" of my landing page – how many have gone through my landing page into the affiliate link using the button there

  9. Hi Ivan! Thanks for this.
    Do you create a new Google Adwords line item in Clickbank for EACH product you sell in Clickbank?
    Since the purchase label is based on a SPECIFIC product event snippet in Google Ads, it seems I'd need to add it into Clickbank for every product.

    But then that would mean that Clickbank is putting ALL those different product labels on EVERY product.
    Which seems then it would mark every sale in EVERY conversion for EVERY product in Google Ads.

    In short, how do you track conversion data correctly in Google Ads for MULTIPLE Clickbank products when they're all running at the same time?
    Hope that makes sense.
    Thanks for your input.

  10. Hey thanks for the video!
    Do you know if I can use the final URL of my clickbank affiliate link instead of the HOPLINK generated? (google ads says it wants/prefers final URL) ,while still getting commission from that link I mean

  11. Wow. I've been waiting for something like this. So just to confirm, by following these steps we can now see in Google Ads which campaigns, ads, keywords, etc drove the conversion or sale in Clickbank?

  12. Great Video Ivan! I allready subscribed to your channel! One question: Does ClickMagick also provide conversions at the campaign level, ad group level and ad level?

  13. It didn't work for me there are no conversions tracking on google and when I test with the Tag Assistant extension it shows a yellow mark and says "Missing CDATA comments."

  14. You're honestly amazing thank you so much this helped out a lot! But how and where can we place the Google pixels tracking code on Clickfunnels to track the "landing page views" ( the views on our landing page) and who took a "lead" by clicking on the CTA to the VSL

  15. Hello, I am an affiliate. Promoting products of Clickbank to get commissions. I can't understand what to check here 1:43. You said if you are vendor check Vendor ( I am not Vendor ) You said again if you sell products on clickbank and you have affiliates who promote your product, check affiliate. (It's same as Vendor :d ) I am just affiliate Who promotes Other person's products and I need to track sales. Thanks

  16. Hello Ivan, thank you very much for this tutorial, it was extremely helpful. Can you also track Clickbank conversions through google analytics? For example, let's say I have a landing page connected to google analytics. Can I track how many conversions I have through this landing page on clickbank on my google analytics account?

  17. i make exactly how the video but only tracking in google ads conversions for impressions, because not tracking purchase?i add the 2 label to clickbank and also i see activein google

  18. I did it exactly as you show on the video. I am getting some order form page views and got also 1 conversion, but they do not show in Google Ads anywhere. What could be the issue? Thanks.

  19. Wish Clickbank would get their act together on this. I've had the pixel installed over the past week and it's not firing the pixel consistently which is skewing my tracking.. Frustrating

  20. Good video Ivan. So does this eliminate need of tracker? I use landing page, so do I have to create two conversion actions in google ads,like one for click and other for sale?

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