Teespring & Facebook Ads Complete 2021 Tutorial (Newest Interface & REAL Design!)

Complete Teespring and Facebook Ads tutorial – follow along with me in this tutorial video to learn how to create your Teespring listing and then promote it on Facebook.

Table of contents:

0:00 – Introduction
4:22 – Create our Teespring listing
21:06 – Create our Facebook Ad account
24:45 – Create our Facebook page
37:00 – Set up Teespring + Facebook tracking
42:30 – Create our listing design
55:47 – Promote on Facebook Ads

Let’s go through the 6 steps we have to take to make this work:

Step 1: Create our Teespring listing

So obviously the first thing we have to do is create our Teespring product.

This can be any product you like.

But we need to determine what we are going to do first before we start promoting on Facebook, because we need to create a Facebook page in order to promote.

And we have to know what we are making the page on before we create it.

In our case, we created a Teespring shirt, so you can go ahead and do the same, or choose any other product and the steps will be exactly the same.

You will also have to confirm your payout details so that Teespring can pay you, so enter your PayPal or Payoneer information before publishing your listing.

Once you do that, we’re ready to go to the next step in marketing our Teespring product on Facebook Ads!

Step 2: Create our Facebook Ad account

The first thing you have to do is create a regular Facebook account here if you haven’t already:

👉 facebook.com

Once you do that, you need to create a Facebook for Business account where you will be able to create your Facebook ad account and the Facebook page.

So head over to:

👉 business.facebook.com

And create your ad account here.

When you’re done verifying your account and entering billing details, click on “Create New Ad Account”, enter the name for the account, and that’s pretty much it! You’ve now created your ad account and are ready to promote – well, almost…

Step 3: Create our Facebook page

Now we have to create our Facebook page.

Unlike Google or Microsoft Ads where anyone can post ads, with Facebook Ads everyone will see who exactly posted the specific ad.

So we have to make a good first impression by creating a good-looking Facebook page that can represent what we sell.

So click on “Create New Page”, enter a name for your page, and then just fill in the blanks for it, such as by entering a good-looking cover photo, profile photo, and entering some blanks in the “About” section, such as what this page is about, what products it sells, and so on.

Also, change the URL of the button to your Teespring listing.

That way, if someone lands on your page, they will also be able to click through to your Teespring listing!

Step 4: Set up Teespring + Facebook Ads tracking

Once you do all that, we absolutely have to set up conversion tracking.

This is because you don’t want to go in blindly and just spend tens or hundreds of dollars without even knowing what will convert or not.

So we must set up the pixel tracking between Teespring and Facebook and I show you how to do that in this video.

You can then check to make sure the pixel has been properly added by opening the page and using the “Facebook Pixel Helper” extension on your browser to check if the pixel has been added.

if it is, you’re good to go!

Step 5: Create our listing design

Now we just have to create a good-looking image to include in our Facebook post to draw attention to our Teespring listing on Facebook.

I personally use Photoshop, but if you want something much cheaper (and even free), you can use Canva which can do pretty much the same design editing, or at least most of what you need.

You can sign up for free with my affiliate link here:

👉 go.ivanmana.com/canva

Add your shirt or product, create a nice-looking design, and then upload that new image to your Facebook page as a post.

We will be using this in the next step when we’ll be promoting our Teespring product on Facebook Ads!

Step 6: Promote on Facebook Ads!

And now onto the final part! Promoting our Teespring product on Facebook Ads.

This is pretty simple to do now that we got everything else in place.

Simply head over to Ads Manager in your Facebook Ads account, create a new campaign, and fill in the blanks to create the new page post engagement ad.

You will have to use the Audience Insights tool to get more information about your Facebook groups to target, and if you want more information about promoting on Facebook, check out my full Facebook course here:

👉 ivanmana.com/all-courses

And that’s how you market your Teespring listing on Facebook Ads!

Additional resources:

👉 My courses: ivanmana.com/all-courses

👉 Canva free signup: go.ivanmana.com/canva

👉 How to set up your Teespring storefront: https://youtu.be/4CwZKiCTpcA

👉 Facebook Ads playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ceXqWddfjg&list=PLS46f4aLJ2hPG5J4MiEPg6cd7FRrYScd0&index=2

👉 Teespring playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx_gTP-STFQ&list=PLS46f4aLJ2hMNMNXyVvnxJOTWFn7wprKI


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  1. You're really bad at this and your video makes you look like an idiot. Maybe you shouldn't do this anymore. There's probably something that you are good at, you just have to look around a little until you figure out what it is. Good luck and you're welcome.

  2. Never seen like this detailed video. You are done huge effort.👍👍👍 Ini si Evan ni si Evan ini the beninng ini ini ini the bi ini ini dibi benninng ini si van.😭

  3. For the tracking and pixels section, any idea why despite me putting in the correct pixel into the tracking and pixel section of Teespring, the pixel only fires when I'm on the stores tab within my account and not on a listing or the actual storefront and why it fires twice instead of once?

  4. This was extremely helpful!! Loved the timestamps, enabling me to go back over specifics again and again! I already have a Facebook business page, so I will get busy!! Thank you a million times!!

  5. Hey man, great stuff… I followed all your steps but for some reason when I try to add the catalog using pixel it says is not ready " This pixel's microdata is incomplete or incorrectly formatted" any help would be greatly appriciated.

  6. You're awesome dude! Thank you so much for walking people through the process. Your instructional videos are very educational and your insight deeply appreciated. Shine on superstar!

  7. I just started my teespring campaign with 2 ads (each $5)😄 so far the engagement more than 10%🙌 but no sale yet..🤔 hopefully soon! i hope I targeted the right audiences:) do you have any advice?

  8. Grt Video.. keep up the good work….can u plz let me know how I can create "purchase pixel" in Facebook for my NEW teespring store,is buying from my own store and copying the link from the Thank you page is the only option…

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