"Page 5" Internet Business Plan – The Shortcut To Creating A Million Dollar Online Business

This video is going to reveal the “Page 5 Business Plan” for online entrepreneurs because a lot of you guys feel like: “I’m not an expert,” “I don’t have a product,” “I don’t know what to promote.”

So this is going to teach you a really specific method.

And this idea, I’ve talked about it before, I don’t think I have a direct video on it and essentially this is coming off the heels of a phone call I just had.

So I just got off the phone call with a big time publishing company, Digital Marketing Publishing Company who worked in the personal development space. And what they do is they work with product creators like Melanie and I to essentially help scale the reach of our products.

Now I’m going to be honest with you, Melanie are pretty good at selling our products, right? Like we’re not necessarily hurting for cash flow, but there’s always an opportunity to do more.

So I’m intrigued by this offer and by this potential partnership because what they have is a team of advertisers, a team of copywriters, a team of developers.

They were really closely with clickbank and the idea is that they’re so good at selling products and they have such a great system in place for selling products that they will be able to take a large percentage of the revenue they generate, right?

And they’re potentially leaving us with a very small slice of the pie, but that’s going to be made up for based on the amount of volume that they do in sales.

Okay. Now this brings us to that idea that the page five business plan, because here’s what’s going on.

There’s people trying to sell products in every niche imaginable and they’re not being found. They’re nowhere to be found. They’re sitting on page five of Google right now and no one goes to page five of Google ever, right?

If you’re searching for something, maybe you go to page two, odds are you don’t even go to page two.

So the whole business model in the business plan is that you have an opportunity to essentially go partner with these individuals who they’re experts in their field, they’ve already created the courses, they’ve got their courses out there trying to make sales.

But they just don’t know the digital marketing stuff that you are totally able to learn right here on my channel and or they don’t have the time to get in and actually build that out so you can partner with them and ultimately help them boost their sales, help them rank better, help them make more money.

And for that effort you can get a piece of the pie, you can get a percentage of everything that they’re doing. This is a really, really powerful business model.

The first time I heard about this was from Jay Abraham and it was his answer to if you were starting all over from zero, what would you do? And he said he would go to page five, six, seven find all of the products that are from clearly from experts and go from there.

So what I would look for, if I’m doing this, I would look for someone who’s published lots of blog posts. I would look for someone who’s published youtube videos.

I would look for someone who is actively taking the actions. They’re just not optimizing things. Because if you find somebody who just put up a product and they’ve never written a blog post, they’ve never done a video, maybe they don’t understand how much hard work over long periods of time it takes to really get to their destination.

But when you find those people who they’ve been doing their podcast for four years, they’ve been doing their youtube channel for three years, they’ve been doing their blog posts for 10 years, they just don’t optimize anything.

They don’t know what keyword research is.

They’ve got the products, they’re clearly the expert. They’re clearly trying and they’re getting minimal results.

You have the potential to essentially reach out to them, forge a relationship, and you could effectively become their hired gun and you would get your pay based on a percentage of the kind of sales volume that you’re able to increase for them.

I think this is a brilliant model and why I’m bringing it up again. I also went to a couple of masterminds here over the last month. I went to one, it was a seven day mastermind in Vegas.

There were so many people, they’re trying to figure out “how do I sell my stuff?” So, there’s these individuals who, they’re experts, they’ve been doing whatever they’ve been doing for 20 years.

They’re trying to break into the digital business because they want the lifestyle. They know there’s a better lifestyle vs being in the office doing their 1-on-1 work.

Then on the other side of the coin, there’s people like you who are like, man, I need a break into this internet marketing world. What am I going to sell?

This is the biggest opportunity online, for sure!

They are hoping an ambitious and motivated marketing geek hits them up asking to help! Here is your opportunity.

Want more? Watch this video next: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ccYoRDm8Bc


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  1. This is a tremendous approach for some of my websites that are getting tons of traffic and only monetized by affiliate and ads.

    Do you recommend bringing their entire sales system (landing page, checkout, etc) to your site or simply refer people to their site and hope they can convert?

  2. I'm a new fan of you Miles! Your content has added so much value so thank you. I'm on the creative side of marketing (graphics, video, photography) and am now getting into affiliate marketing. The page 5 approach is so good! Also, I've been reading your free Million Dollar Blueprint and have learned so much in so little time. TRULY inspiring.

  3. Hey Miles, captivated by your content here on youtube; so I "opted-in" and recieved an email with my login information; but the website link runs to a page that says 404 page not found! Get back to me if at all possible! Thanks!

  4. Hey Miles! So, if you now had to choose building your own business with content marketing (for example, as you do here on Youtube), or partnering with others like you're talking about here in this video, which do you think is the bigger or better opportunity?

  5. I have some questions, if anyone can answer, i'd be happy. I'm pretty new so if some of this stuff sounds dumb then you know why

    1. Is Page Authority a good estimate that keyword's difficulty? so if you google a keyword and the highest page authority within the first 5 results is say, 27 it's pretty easy to over take right?

    2. What does "easy to over take" mean? should I be excepting within a week of creating my website, putting a few SEO blog posts about something to over take that keyword's highest page authority 27 within the 5 results of google? If it's really dependent on something other then page authority then what?

    3. Is it possible to make single page website, that target specific keyword? Or what you really want to do is find a niche, find very easily targeted keywords related to your niche with good search volumes and hope of them gets a good ranking on google? Is it a BIG gamble to make a single page website focusing one keyword?

    4. If you're producing SEO HQ blog posts, when should you see some sort of results? First week, month, few months?

    5. Is it possible to make your money back + then some within one month of hardwork writing SEO HQ blog posts? Money back from the Domain, server hosting.. ect..

    I'll probably add some other questions as I think of them

    Thanks for answering if you did

  6. What kind of contract would you do? Would you want to take literally a 50% stake of the company or just have deal where you are payed 50% of revenue? Like how to do this best and be save not to get ripped off when the business actually takes off and people might start to get greedy?

  7. Damn Miles that's exactly what I thought about doing recently 😀 Thanks for the vid now I feel even more excited to just do it!
    Are you like a mind reader?

  8. Seems like value investing, pick the "under-valued" valuable ones and help them realize their potential. 😀

    You are right, I have helped to create 5 websites for free for my family members and friends in the last month. And boy…. new revenues can come in with a website + shopping cart. They were on eBay type of business, Facebook selling and haven't try website before.

    Let's do more of what makes us and others happy! Cheers bro! Happy to see you on the beach sharing what you enjoy doing!

  9. This hits home. I love that you learn the problems of your master mind group. Soooo good. How is this different than affiliate sales? Is this trading time for money initially?

  10. Great idea. Beautiful in its simplicity… People ranked on lower SERPs are clearly in the game and may just need a little extra something. Mutually beneficial as well.

    On a sidenote, I know you are Miles “One Take” Beckler. But your ability to deliver all of that so eloquently, while staying in frame and casually walking down a beautiful beach, is beyond impressive. 👏 maestro!!

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