Getting 0 Sales? Here's 5 Reasons Why (& How to Fix It!)

Are you getting 0 sales in your online marketing?

Watch this video to learn the 5 possible reasons why you’re getting absolutely no sales and how to fix it!

This applies to any online marketing, including affiliate networks like ClickBank.

I do assume in this video that you ARE getting impressions and clicks already, but just not sales.

Because if you’re not getting impressions and/or clicks, that’s a whole other topic that needs to be looked at.

I do have a video that covers why you’re getting 0 impressions and how to get around it, but if you want me to make a video on why you’re getting 0 clicks, let me know in the comments below!

I won’t be putting too much detail or a table of contents into this video because I don’t want people skipping it.

If I add a table of contents, people can just go through each point and skip the entire video.

I do however have some very important points I want to go over in this video on why you’re getting 0 sales and how to get around it, so it’s important that you watch the entire video.

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  1. your channel is a hidden treasure bro you deserve at least 500k views for each of your valuable videos, I have a question and I hope you see my comment: If I'm direct linking in one of my campaigns and I want to use an ad extension (site links), How can I add my affiliate link to each one of the site links since they only allow you to add final URL? THANK YOU in advance.

  2. Hi Ivan, great content again as usual! My google ads account got suspended due to violating the Circumventing systems policy. Have you ever experienced similar issues? Could you share your solution or make a video about that?

  3. Hey Ivan can you please help me with a solution I had my Bing ads account permanently suspended literally for no reason at all just after signing up I tried to contact thier support for help numerous times but no help at all from thier side and they say that the decision is final and now I have finally found someone who sells Bing ads accounts on the Blackhat world and many people have also bought Facebook and other adwords accounts from him do you think this is a good idea to go forward and buy an account from him as I don't have any close friends as such who are willing to give me thier details open an account from thier name and bank details ?? And if you have faced the same problem with any other ad network god forbid how did you got around it especially how did you found a work around for the payment method considering you are using someone else's details like a friend, which I also like to think that they ban any payment method banned from the suspended account person ??? I hope you can please provide some insight mate as I am really very stressed and sad about this 🙏😞

  4. Hey Ivan, I know you said not to use the CB link that ends with "hop=xxxx" but are you sure it doesn't work? I'm not getting any sales after a few days of testing but I'm using this link and when I go to the offer checkout page, my affiliate ID is present at the bottom. If you tell me that it doesn't work, I believe you but then why does it say my ID at the bottom at the checkout page if it's null and void?

  5. Thank You Ivan…Do you have any workarounds/fixes when people just use proxy/vpn to spy on your ads & click on your ads to steal contents from your landing page ?? I am using a landing page where I have some java scripts installed…And I got like 30 clicks from Bing Ads for Keravita & out of those 30+ clicks only like 2 people reach to the offer page & none to the order page…

    I see traffic from countries which I never targeted…I tried to exclude those countries but still getting fake clicks from US & Canada also which I can't exclude as the most buyers are from these two countries only…They are using a US/Canada & sometimes UK proxy/VPN & coming to the landing page to steal contents as per my understanding…I'm not sure if I use direct Linking also in Bing, if they continue doing the same, I will keep losing money for invalid clicks…And Google is not allowing me to promote health offers & I can't find any good product on Clickbank except the supplement category…Tried Teds woodworking & some green products, did not work…Tried promoting a popular product in the wealth niche & I got one sale where I got only $3.66 but did not get any upsell or recurring on that where the avg conversion value was like $200+…I think Clikbank vendors don't pay affiliates any recurring payments as they get the details/emails directly from the customers when we bring them to their pages & then they sell their offers to the customers directly by email marketing without giving us the recurring…I can't remember seeing anyone got recurring income from any Clickbank products…

  6. been running ads for 3 days now for an ergo baby carrier, got 80+ visitors but no sales! i guess i need to change the product 🙁 first time doing this, feel slightly discouraged! thank you for the video, really confirmed my doubts about the product. it seems not to relieve people's pains enough.

  7. hello,

    Ivan thank you for your videos that you're putting your helping a lot just one question if you may about click magick audience optimization data (i have recorded more than 32 actions as conversions) do you think if I use that data and switch to smart bidding (target CPA) in google ads will it work? will it perform well if I use the data I got in click magick with google ads target CPA or should I use the conversion data that I have in Google?

    I really hope to get an answer to my question

    thank in advance

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