How To Create A Sales Funnel That Converts: Your First $1 Online

Creating your sales funnel doesn’t need to be complicated. 3 Web pages and 5 emails is all you need to create a high converting sales funnel to sell your first product online.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:46 – Funnel Definition
1:08 – Overview
1:08 – Prospects
1:37 – Audience
1:46 – Lead
1:57 – Customer
2:19 – Elements
3:36 – Landing Page
7:23 – Lead Magnet
9:32 – Emails
10:21 – Sales Page
11:48 – Purchase
12:05 – Upsells
14:02 – Software
14:40 – Free Funnel
15:21 – WordPress Funnel
16:04 – Budget Funnel
16:43 – All-In-One Funnel
18:03 – Outro

How To Create A Sales Funnel That Converts: Your First $1 Online

How to Build a Sales Funnel Fast: High Converting Sales Conversion Funnel

Why having a sales funnel in place important?

When you have a sales funnel in place, you would have an accurate view of how many leads entered your funnel as opposed to the ones that finally converts.

This way you can calculate how much more leads need to enter your marketing funnel for you to achieve your target revenue. You can then wisely invest your money on the sales funnel softwares that offer more returns.

That’s why, if you want to know in detail..

– What is a sales funnel
– how to create a sales funnel from scratch
– What sales software do I need to make one

Then this tutorial is for you.

This sales funnel creation you will learn what a sales funnel is, how to create a sales funnel, and some of the best software solutions to creating your first sales funnel.

So if you’re new to know How to create a sales funnel and looking for an easy explanation as to what a funnel is and how it works, this sales funnel tutorial is for you.

First, what is a sales funnel? Sales funnel in simple terms is the strategic process of transforming a stranger into a customer by building rapport, trust, and authority.

Creating a high converting landing page and choosing the best sales funnel software will determine the success of your business in the long run.

As you create your first sales funnel from scratch, keep in mind to make your first sales funnel simple.

Now when it comes to choosing your sales funnel software, you really don’t need anything fancy.

There are a lot of funnel solutions out there that talk about advanced features that at the end of the day just really don’t matter!

So I discuss the break down of pricing and the best solutions depending upon where you are in your business.

It’s important to know the best ways on how to create a sales funnel that would consistently bring in leads and revenue to your online business. Your focus should be on your sales copy and ideal customers, not the sales funnel software your using.

To be able to create the best sales funnel and continually optimize your marketing, make sure to:

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I hope these sales funnel tutorial helped you build your sales process. Start building your sales funnel strategy to be able to make money online.
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  1. Great video. Just to add …for the email sequences, Russell Brunsons "Dotcom Secrets" book is solid gold … and he also has excellent tips for traffic generation (not covered in this video). I totally agree Dan Kennedy's "Ultimate Sales Letter" book will train
    you how to write great Sales Letters (lead magnets, free reports etc) to a very high standard. You can quite easily add upsell bumps using WordPress … if you use PAYPAL as your shopping cart … just direct them to another page on WordPress after they purchase and then make your upsell offer(s). Another tip … your sales letter should be crammed with further goodies, freebies and gifts that they will receive AFTER they sign up to your subscription site or purchase your product. Follow up emails should then aim to develop customer relationships and maintain a very positive "connect" with your list… for ever if possible!

  2. Great video, highly appreciated!!Slightly confused, though. No mention of constant contact?? Also, if you are offering a free product as a lead magnet, why would you need a checkout/billing component? Great quality video, as usual!

  3. H Jason, I am new to sales funnels and want to explore the Thrive Themes option. Do I need to build a WordPress site first? Please refer me to the video on how to begin the whole process.

  4. Jason, content on point, i like your teaching style, first you show the what then the how. congratz. Also, how , what software do you use to make those graphics, and how long it takes you to do them, for like example a video like this?

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