6 Steps To A 6-Figure Online Business From Home

6 Steps To A 6-Figure Online Business From Home // Making money online during the COV-19 pandemic has been a very hot topic. In today’s video, I explain the 6 steps to building a home based business that is not only profitable but is pandemic-proof! Now is the perfect time to build a stay at home and high paying business from home. Take advantage of the excuse to lock yourself in the house and start implementing these strategies today!

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  1. Great video, I am trying to figure out my niche, I pay attention to details for instance the word "Buying" in your Client Avatar presentation at 4:26 mark is misspelled as BYUING.

  2. I'd like to start doing something centered about parenthood. My friends and family always ask me about things geared towards kids. I'm a homeschooling mom and I want to teach others how to do some of the things I do.

  3. investing could be stressful especially for beginners but, after watching a Tim Sykes video on investment, I was convinced the best way to attain great milestone in the financial market was to diversify portfolio and for amateurs to seek professional guidance. My portfolio survives downdraft and thrives during upward cycles through proper trading plan and I've amassed over $128,000 in savings since Oct.2019 till now without being active in the market.

  4. I just stumbled on to your videos and I'm hooked! Part 2 is definitely something we need. Thanks Marissa. Oh yeah, I'm glad you got your channel back. We really need you!💓

  5. Hello Marissa, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I started an affiliate program ending of February, till now I have have not made a single sale, what could be the problem?

  6. I started a website about the virus 🦠 offering discount codes to those that want Personal Protective Equipment. If you peak at it, could you give me some pointers to increase conversions on affiliate offers?

  7. It works but it takes many years to build. That is the real truth. It’s not easy.. I built 3 Shopify stores, wrote an eBook, build online courses, published music since 2011, all to no avail… digital world I’m done with you. Not for everyone.

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