How the Best Bloggers Demolish the Competition and Rank #1

Whelp, it’s been a long grueling six weeks of blogging competition and it’s now time to crown our Ultimate Content Warrior! Jim and Ricky go over some tips and tricks that can be learned from our finalists as well as make a call to our 2021 winner. Who will get the belt? You should probably watch and find out.

See the Blogging entries here:
Bee Keeping for Newbies:
Emma Cruises:
Money Release:

See the YouTube entries here:
Bee Keeping for Newbies:
Emma Cruises:
Money Release:

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  1. Hi sometimes answer of search query is already in the snippet and in sections questions people also asked ….therefore having the answer already we do not click on it to go to the website. Does that mean snippets ans answer in questions people also asked are preventing people to visit the website ?

  2. Lol. Emma Cruises had me hooked. Spent way more time listening than I had expected. Subscribed to her channel and will certainly recommend it to anyone who mentions wanting to take a cruise! Great videos and a nice clean site to visit:)

  3. Hey i love your videos thanks so much! I have 1 question please, please answer im super worried.

    I have a blog in Wix with 35 high quality post done in a month but i live in Finand. I write in english and have placed all links for Americans. Can i rank well in Google in USA? Please answer it would mean the world to me! 🙂

  4. Hey Guys, we know you are rich and all this stuff but please don't quit this channel. 1 video a week is just too little content for 150k audience. Where are the new case studies, new webinars, new techniques and tips? Of course, life is yours but please do us this favor come back to 2-3 a week! We love you! Stay safe!

  5. It's great to learn from watching the observations on posts. Have to disagree slightly about not needing the gratuity walkthrough from the cruise blog… I'm British and tipping is not a thing for us – wish I had read this blog before cruising!!

  6. No. Know how these guys "demolish the competition"? They pay poor people in developing countries $30 for articles through intermediary companies that only pay the writers $5. These guys are nothing more than contributors to the equivalent of Chinese sweatshops. Once upon a time, they may have written their articles. Now they just take advantage of low-paid poverty-stricken people in developing countries to make a profit. And before it's even said…of course they know this is going on. They know the articles are coming from India and the Philippines. I used to like these guys until I found out that not even a quarter of the money they pay for an article goes to the writer.

  7. great content as always, keep it up
    I have a question: do you think your expectation chart that you've created in 2019 is still the right expectation or is it too low to compare our blogs within 2021?

  8. Hi Jim and Ricky!! You guys have been a blessing, man. I'm so glad you guys started this channel.

    Guys, I had one small question; I'm starting my blogging journey. It's self-help (in finance niche targeting Muslim Community mainly) sorta blog that I intend to monetize later. Still, I don't know if I should include my own details in it or not. What do you guys think about it?

    Check it out at

  9. Hey guys. There’s a story breaking that “Income Store” is a Ponzi scheme. It’s NOT you guys. You’re income SCHOOL not STORE, but if I made the mistake others might too.

  10. It sure is a great website. I just think for a competition like this you should pick beginner's websites. Her domain is 3 yrs old and google finds over 1500 pages. You could as well include a corporate website in the competition. In sports, you don't let experienced athletes run against someone who has been testing out the sport for two weeks. Many people might have put the effort into this without ever having had a chance.

  11. Congratulations Emma! I decided to drop out after the tracks were merged because I don't want to focus on YouTube since my niche can't be monetised anymore. Appreciate all the feedback from the earlier challenges.

  12. Oh Emma congratulations 👏🏼 not only did you 🥇you were a great encourager to all every day of the competition. What a role model! I enjoyed following your journey even after I was eliminated. Enjoy the jump!

  13. It seems that all of the finalists in this video speak English as a first language. I wonder how many bloggers who speak English as a second language competed in the Ultimate Warrior Contest and their mistakes. Are there some common mistakes you found among non-native speakers' posts that can be easily corrected and improved, and are there any tools you recommend for them (us–as I'm one of them)? Thank you!!!

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