Convertri and ClickBank Complete Tutorial (Step-by-Step 2021 Guide)

In this video, I show you the complete ClickBank + Convertri tutorial so that you know how to promote your ClickBank offers.

Follow along with me step-by-step and let’s cover the following:

0:00 – Introduction
1:16 – Selecting our ClickBank offer
3:09 – Creating a landing page and thank you page
39:57 – Setting up conversion tracking with ClickMagick
42:18 – Setting up a custom domain
49:55 – Setting up the autoresponder with GetResponse

I just signed up for Convertri to see how it is and if it’s worth using. I still prefer Unbounce and would prefer to even pay monthly to use them than use any other builder at this time.

You can try Convertri yourself with a 14-day trial yourself:


That being said, let’s get straight into it!

Step 1: Select your ClickBank offer

The first thing you obviously have to do before you start promoting your ClickBank offers using Convertri is select your ClickBank offer.

ALWAYS read the affiliate terms and conditions before promoting any offer – for example the Resurge offer does NOT allow you to promote on Google Ads under any circumstances… so you don’t want to do that and get banned from the network.

We never promoted the Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic offer before, so lets go ahead and promote that today.

Step 2: Create your Convertri landing page + thank you page

Now that you selected your product, you’re ready to create a landing page for it.

Because the Okinawa Flat Belly offer page contains a video, we can ask for emails from prospective clients in exchange for providing them with this free video that shows how to do xyz, in our case tells people how to lose belly fat.

So head over into Convertri, click on “Funnels”, and select from any of the given templates.

You can also choose to create a funnel from scratch and then pick out and create the individual pages yourself.

It’s a pretty simple drag-and-drop editor, so nothing too fancy to talk about.

When you create your thank you page, to the end of your affiliate link you also have to add the ?tid=[cmc_vid] so that it tracks sales and reports the data back to ClickMagick.

I cover tracking in a bit more detail in the next step, but adding this to the end of your link is important so that you can track sales that you make within ClickMagick.

But for now let’s move on to step 3 of this ClickBank and Convertri tutorial.

Step 3: Set up ClickMagick conversion tracking

Tracking is absolutely essential as you already know, so I’m using ClickMagick to track my Convertri landing/thank you page as well as the ClickBank offer.

I cover how to set up ClickBank tracking in detail in this video:

👉 How to track ClickBank sales with ClickMagick:

But in Convertri, you’re simply going to paste the ClickMagick Campaigns code you’re given to your landing page and thank you page.

Now, when someone lands on your landing page and signs up, you’ll see a click and an action in your ClickMagick stats.

You’ll also see a sale if you set up sales tracking correctly as per the video linked above.

Step 4: Set up your Convertri custom domain

Ideally you always want to have your own custom domain rather than using the generic Convertri domain.

So you can buy a domain from Namecheap for less than $10 and then simply point the nameservers to Convertri (nameservers are provided to you).

Then just double-check to make sure you added the correct nameservers, add the SSL certificate, and your domain should be good to go.

Select your funnel, and choose the domain that you just added and you should be good to go.

You can buy a cheap domain with Namecheap using my affiliate link here:


Step 5: Create the GetResponse email/autoresponder sequence

Lastly, you have to set up the actual autoresponder which will send out emails to prospects that sign up on your landing page.

I strongly suggest using GetResponse for your autoresponders because it only costs $20 per month and is easier to set up and more reliable overall.

I have a playlist with lots of GetResponse videos here:


And that’s how you use ClickBank with Convertri!

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