How Much I Made From ONE Video on YouTube

This is how much money I made from my highest earning video on YouTube. I am speechless.

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This is how much money I made from YouTube on one of my best performing videos. People often ask how much do youtubers make, and just how much does youtube pay? I would say youtube is the best way to make money online and generate an incredible source of passive income. It’s not entirely passive because you need to consistently create content, but it’s worth it if you can stick to it!

Here is my YouTube income comparing two videos. One of my videos got over 15 million views, and the other one has almost 700,000 views. You would think the one with more views makes more money right? That’s an incorrect assumption. Today I want to compare the two and show you exactly how much YouTube has paid me.

When compared to my dividends and the stock market, this kind of income far exceeds my investments. However, the money I make from my youtube channel goes toward investing into my dividend stock portfolio where I can generate the best source of passive income from high quality blue chip paying stocks.

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  1. I am a woman and watch your Videos Andrei! They are great and this video just gave me a push to finally keep pushing my YouTube channel and start branded content. As you, I was holding off YT, only Live streaming on Twitch but I decided now to finally start making constant content for YT. Just was holding back the whole time like you as I could not decide which nice I want to be in! Thanks for all your videos, love them!

  2. if you don't want to see anymore ads on YouTube videos interrupting you ever again just download Firefox or Microsoft Edge browser and then in the extensions options in the upper right part of the browser search for an extension called UBLOCK ORIGIN and download it to that new browser and click yes to activate it and you will NEVER see any ads of any kind on YouTube. If you like that suggestion, first go to my channel and thumbs me up and subscribe and leave right away if you want as a thank you for giving you all the heads up and don't worry, I'm not the type to constantly be reminding you that I'm uploading a video. Cheers, From New York City. Frank Branden.

  3. A few things… 1) Like your straight up informatives. 2)Keep the cardistry/magic/etc. It makes you unique. 3)You have a great ear for your intro/outro music of all genres, and the correct line level during the recording [hard skill to master for most]. Like learning this stuff the no pressure way you're doing it.

  4. I bet Andrei never imagined that his videos would inspire others like he took inspiration from the likes of Graham and Nate. Love these videos! Also where's the vlog man, you're at 1.04 million subs

  5. I am that 1% for you Andrei. I think you are an amazing human and financial advisor. The fact you know magic tricks makes you fun to watch! So much love..♥️

  6. I want to save everyone's time and tell you that most of the websites in the comments are not real. Only THEFLYINGTUBE works for me. they have 60k fols on insta.

  7. I want to save everyone's time and tell you that most of the websites in the comments are not real. Only THEFLYINGTUBE works for me. they have 60k fols on insta.

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