5 Things I Hate About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not as easy as the FAKE GURUS try to sell you… Does affiliate marketing work? Yes! Does it have challenges? Yes!

Learn about the top 5 challenges facing affiliate marketers in this brand new video, here.

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In this video you’re going to learn the five things that I hate about affiliate marketing. Now I’ve been affiliate marketing since 2003 and I currently earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year as an affiliate. So I’ve got some love for affiliate marketing, but it sure isn’t without its challenges. And you’re going to learn the five biggest challenges here in this video. And in the end you’re going to learn the right way to do affiliate marketing so you can kind of overcome and bypass and side skirt a lot of these challenges you won’t have to experience. Let me just deal with them because I’ve already been through it. So number one is getting stiffed on payouts. Now you as an affiliate marketer, by definition don’t have all that much control. When you’re working with an affiliate vendor through an affiliate network, you do have a third party in between, right?

So if you’re on ClickBank or you’re using something on share a sale, you have that kind of third party company in between you and the vendor. But what’s been going on recently is a lot of companies are running in house programs, whether they are on Infusionsoft or SamCart or Thrivecart or whatever it might be. Even some word press based ones on MemberMouse and these individuals are within full control and they can choose not to pay you. If they so deem they can disappear, they can fall off the face of the earth. I have one vendor who has withheld $8,000 in payments from me and I’ll be honest with you, that sucks. I sent $16,000 worth of sales and I didn’t get my $8,000 in commission jokes on me. Lesson learned, and this is one of the challenges, big challenges of kind of relinquishing control of being an affiliate marketer and again, stay to the end and give me a thumbs up if you like this content because I’m going to teach you how to bypass these kinds of challenges at the end.

Number two is vendors changing your links on you. This is such a big problem. It’s crazy. It even happens all the way up to the Amazon affiliate program.

This has happened on a bunch of different networks. It’s happened on some individual programs and yet again, you’re not in control and oftentimes they won’t let you know that they made a change to their URL structure.

Number three is they stopped supporting products. Now this one really irks me because I look at especially any sort of affiliate product or any sort of product that has a monthly or annual recurring bill. I kind of look at that recurring bill as a contract, right? So when I buy something and the company says, Hey, it costs $100 or $200 a year to keep updated, I think that’s them saying that they’re going to actually update the product.

So that was number three. Number four is scammy affiliate course creators selling dead methods. This is the the cesspool of affiliate marketing.

Number five is the, the culture of individuals who give it a half attempt, who dabble in the world of affiliate marketing and they go on to say, this stuff doesn’t work, or affiliate marketing is a scam, and that’s completely untrue, right? I’ve built a very successful career leveraging affiliate marketing as one of the monetization channels that I use. It’s just harder than most people realize. It just takes a lot more work than most people realize. It absolutely does work when we get the game right


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  1. Now, let's be real… Affiliate markeitng is still a LOT better than the call center job I last worked! And the truth is that building my first successful blog opened up a world of profits from affiliate marketing and beyond. If you still don't fully understand what a super successful website looks like, watch this video next – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU9jQE9uNRk and you'll see me analyze 5 separate websites making millions and I'll break down their exact secrets to success for you so you can get on the path to growing the business of your dreams, faster.

  2. Miles, how about dishonest affiliate programs? In your 21 years of affiliate marketing, how do you trust that a program is not under-reporting how much commissions you've made for them? Is this just part of the game you accept as the cost of doing business? Thanks as always!!

  3. Going a random week without sells for no reason lol 😂

    Jlist and playasia be doing good for me most of the time but randomly my sales just drop when sites blacklist me lol 😂

  4. I'm curious, why don't you put your digital course on a network like Clickbank, and have affiliates promote it for you? while you promote it yourself on your own website as well? would that be harmful to the product? or your brand?

  5. Hey Miles! Hope your day is going well! Long time no see, I've been in grind mode for a bit 😀 I was wondering if you have a preferred tool for rank tracking? Something that will let me organize and track a whole lot of keywords? There's a ton of combinations that work for my target market, one of those situations where there tooons of ways to word it but no one way that gets the lion's share of the traffic. I have a feeling you're going to say Ahrefs, in which case I would ask, do you know of a lower cost alternative that works well? 😛 Thanks Miles!!!

  6. Great content, I have a question. Lately, I get very insecure about having a blog instead of a youtube channel. Right now, I am focusing on making better content, getting good at social media. Any thoughts?

  7. as a costumer of service software some are telling us the payment is one time payment on the page and the precept. this has been hard to stop. had to close the account to get it to stop.

  8. Perfect video! Yes, there's wrong/right way to do affiliate marketing for sure. I'm doing it the correct way now I'm making $1000 a day! Enjoyed your video Miles. Subbed bro 😀👍

  9. I have been binge watching your videos. I took your advice and found a niche that has little competition. The first site that comes up on Google has no keywords driving it according to the Google tools. I am ready run. The best part my research shows a demand for such a site.

  10. Hey, this is a bit off-topic. But I use thrive themes for landing pages and I use thrive leads for banners on my main website. The problem I am having is website speed. I can cache the website and that makes things a lot faster but then I lose the ability to A/B split test properly. I'm using WP fastest cache for thrive themes. My setup is probably too complex because I'm using page builders as well. Do you have a recommended cache setup for use with thrive themes/optimize?

  11. 1. Getting stiffed on payouts
    2. Vendors changing links
    3. Stop supporting products (vendor abandons product/software tool)
    4. Scammy course creators selling outdated methods
    5. Culture of affiliate marketing wannabes who give it a half hearted attempt and then claim affiliate marketing is a scam.

  12. Hello Miles, a while ago I told you I have a YouTube Channel and that I was doing content in Spanish and English. My channel wasn´t growing and I was stuck. You told me to choose one or to do one channel in spanish and another in english. I ended up choosing spanish and since I follow your advice which was at the end of semptember begining of october my channel started to grow. Now I passed the 1000 subscribers and I been doing 1 video a day since july 2019 up to this day and I´m planning on keep publishing like this until I get to 50.000 subscribers. At that point I will start my channel in english.
    Thank you for the advice, I love your channel I hope people enjoy my channel as much as I enjoy yours.
    Greetings from Chile.

  13. 🙏 Thanks Miles for #4 alone. Marcus Campbell is a primary example of a “scammy course creator selling dead methods” he constantly uses old websites from 20 years ago as examples

  14. When I visit clickbank I am almost always left aghast at the trashy nature of some of the products, the pseudo-medical science being sold on that platform (I haven't looked at it for a while) is simply unethical and it puts me off doing it.

  15. Awesome insights. I've been bitten by bad links a lot…. Also curious what solution you were recommending that may no longer be supported. It's frustrating when that happens. Thank you for the wise insights as always!

  16. Miles, when you say "Amazon changed your affiliate link structure".. would this still happen even if you are using Amazon's API to put their products on your website? From what I understand, Amazon's API will always update their product listing on your website with the latest price and product information.

  17. Recently I recall hearing about a software (?) where you put in your affiliate URL and it spits out essentially a pretty URL so that no matter if the affiliate program changes the link or not you are still linked to it through the pretty link. Have you heard of this? I don't recall what site/program does this service. Do you know? Thank you!!

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