Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools – Get More Great Blog Ideas, Video Ideas & Podcast Topic Ideas

Best free keyword suggestion tools revealed… Stop struggling to come up with blog ideas & video ideas… Learn the 5 keyword tools for content marketing suggestions in 2020.

I have published an updated keyword research video here:

Once you understand how these tools work you will see that keywords everywhere. Getting suggestions on keywords is important for your keyword research and getting “outside the box” content marketing ideas.

It is still important to complete keyword research to find out the keyword difficulty and search volume which I show how in this video:

If you want a free keyword research tool, watch this video:

This post shows you how to do keyword research for free:

This is one of the best blogging tips for 2020, to find blog content ideas your competitors have not discovered because they don’t know about these powerful keyword tools.

It is also important to remember that every post you publish to your blog needs to be properly optimized for SEO and you can learn how to do that here:

Keyword research is just one part of Search Engine Optimization, so you need a holistic content marketing approach that takes keywords and SEO into account.

In this video you are going to learn the five free keyword suggestion tools you can use in order to come up with a limitless number of content marketing ideas. You’ll be able to get blog post ideas, video ideas, podcast, topic ideas, etc, and in a second we’re going to jump on my computer. You’re going to follow along. I’m going to share my screen so you can see where to find these tools and how to use them. And again, they’re all free tools now as a content marketer, right? Someone growing an audience and a brand and a business online, there’s a direct correlation to how much great content, highly valuable content that’s properly optimized your publishing and how much traffic that you’re experiencing on my website, just about three years ago, I was getting approximately 60 visits per month. It’s about two per day.

Now I’m getting about 60,000 visits per month. The difference got about 350 highly optimized great pieces of content that my audience is looking for and how do I know what they’re looking for? How do you know what your audience is looking for? It’s these tools here. And real quick before we jump in, this is different from a keyword research tool. A keyword research tool by definition is going to tell you what the search volume is and what the difficulty is. But those tools don’t always have great suggestion engines. And that’s what we’re looking for here is topic ideas. So you go through these processes, you’ll come up with a list of great topics, and then you’ll go do keyword research on those topics to find out which ones have the highest search volume and the lowest difficulty score. This is how you keep moving forward.

Let’s jump on the computer and get started. So the first one that we have is alsoasked dot com.

Now I need an example for this. So we’re going to go down the self hypnosis path. The idea is that I’m a hypnotherapist and I either do sessions or I sell downloadables, et cetera. So that’s what we’re going to use. So all you do in this one is number one, you choose your country. So there’s several different countries. You can choose, you obviously can toggle the language and then you put in your keyword phrase already got self-hypnosis here and then you click search. Now this keyword tool is 100% free right now. We’ve, I’ve seen other tools in this space go to a paid model like keywords everywhere. So I assume that they are going to eventually go to a paid model. I’m guessing they’ll always give you some access for free, but they’ll probably do more on the paid side here soon.

The first thing you notice is it’s this kind of like mind map type style. If you want to just export all of the keyword ideas and get them into a spreadsheet, there’s the save CSV up top. And if you like the mind map version, you can save it as a PNG. But what you notice is this first one here is self hypnosis. And then it has all of the questions that are commonly asked around this topic. So you put in your main topic and you get to see all of the different ideas. So can you self hypnotize yourself? Can hypnosis be dangerous? Can everyone be easily hypnotized? Is self-hypnosis the same as meditation? I mean, these are powerful ideas. If you have not written a blog post or me in this example, right?

And then I would go plug them into the keyword research tool.


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  1. Thank you so much for this video! I've searched for tools like these so many times, but the first of your recommendations is already better than all of the others I've tried. So thankful!

  2. Cheers mate. I've been getting around 3000 – 5000 users a month on my site but haven't really capitalized on it yet. Your videos have given me a much clearer idea of where to take it.

  3. miles, how may i send you a direct message? i would love some advice on an idea i have as well as possibly a backlink opportunity for the two of us. care to collaborate on a project or possibly just throw me some wisdom?

  4. Hi Miles.
    Firstly, I´d like to thank you all the effort you are putting towards improving other people´s life and the honest way you do it.
    After years studying tons of content about online bussinesses and especially affiliate marketing, I´ve finally comitted myself to start and stick to a site asap. But there´s something that really stops me and it´s because in my country (spanish language) every search is so far from the USA data. I mean, I feel so difficult to find keywords like "best shoes for x" that shows more than, ie. 10 searches per month. Even there is many results that in every free research tool I ever use shows directly zero searches.
    That leads me to two diferent questions:
    – On one side, I wonder how reliable this data is. I wouldn´t understand for what reason google autocomplete, or ubersuggest, for example, would show me then many specific questions, or search suggestions, if there isn´t someone searching for it. So, how could I assure that there is market for some specific searches that have thousands of searches in english but ridiculous numbers in spanish? I really fear paying for some KW tool and finding the same dissapointing data.

    – The other thing, related to the previous, is an speculative theory I got and would like to know what you think about. I hear and see every time that today´s blogging world is heading to an ultra specific niche market. But couldn´t it be linked to the english speaking market? I think maybe in the spanish (or other languages) market, it´s still room for broader sites. I hope it is because I feel a bit sad to have a specific niche site about ie. Steel Frying Pans, whose search data is really poor, and going more specific into looks like a end-trap for me. I don´t see the point of writing awesome content for 10 searches a month. Would it make sense instead creating really in-depth and long content grouping all these keywords as H2 in the post? Would it vanish the power of the keyword itself?
    I really hope that you keep posting so awesome content, and I´m glad to see that there´s someone without hidden interests rather than creating brilliant content just for spreading his vast knowledge. Really aprecciate it, Miles.

  5. Quick question..relating to your seo silo video container gardening would be the main keyword to rank for as a whole them siloing help out that process, right? Example..web management and design for Florida's small business community would be my main phrase for site then build silo to create authority, correct? One more it better to shorten that phrase or use long tail with main keyword? Thanks in advance

  6. This is amazing information and presented so proficiently. It was a pleasure to listen to which is pretty rare in this area – anyway, instant subscriber! The one question I have is why has it taken the YouTube algorithm almost three years to show me your videos?

    Maybe it's a keyword thing… 🙂

    …or something…

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