Email Marketing Strategy for Beginners

This is the best email marketing strategy for beginners. Take your email list from 0 to 5,000 using this simple little proven strategy for growth and sales. Follow this step-by-step email marketing guide to attract more subscribers and convert more customers.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Attract
2:25 – Segment
4:37 – Rapport
8:38 – Engage
12:33 – Promote
13:55 – Scrub
15:20 – Repeat
16:33 – Outro

Email Marketing Strategy for Beginners

If you own a business and you need help with your email marketing strategy plan then you’ve landed on the right video. Create a simple, effective email marketing strategy plan that is as flexible as you need it to be to market your business with email. Because digital marketing doesn’t only have to be in your social media platforms – email marketing also exists!

In this video of email marketing for beginners, you are going to get a complete breakdown of the proven email marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and small businesses owners. Write emails to sell – this one way of marketing your online business and capture the attention of your potential customer. Likewise, in your email marketing campaign ideas, don’t only focus on your business but also pay attention to your customers – what do they want? Because as they say, the customer is always right.

Additionally, in digital marketing trends, email marketing has become one of the most used channels to market products/services. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t have an email address? Almost everybody does, and not all those who have emails have social media accounts. So, if you weigh these two – email marketing campaign have more reach than social media marketing.

You will also learn in this video a simple done for you 7-step email marketing strategy plan that you can copy for yourself to make sure your emails actually get opened. More importantly to you – to actually drive sales and grow your business. This email marketing strategy also includes how to build an email list.

Now, the first step in this email marketing step by step guide is Attract – how to get people in your email list. This is done by offering them something in value like a lead magnet in exchange for their contact information. The second step in this email marketing tips and tricks is Segment. Here, you use groups and/or tags to organize your list based on current interests.

After having an idea of what your customers are interested in, the Rapport building sequence steps in where you build a rapport and make a paid offer. However, most people don’t actually buy the first time and that’s when the next stage comes in – Engage. This is where the majority of your email subscribers will be. In this stage, you are going to use contents, stories, and videos to keep subscribers engaged. The next step is Promote – make an offer to your customers! The second to the last step is Scrub. This is where you stop sending emails to those who have not actually opened them. Finally, the last step in this email marketing tutorial is Repeat. In this last stage, you build more landing pages and write more email engagement.

If your goal is to engage your customers and make your email list profitable, then this video is a great tutorial to start with. This email marketing for beginners to increase sales will boost further your strategy.
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  1. Thank you, Jason, for another valuable video! I spend too much time wondering if I should provide more value/engagemnet up front before pushing the offer, but I guess that can wait until the broadcast sequence?

  2. You're the only person whose videos I watch and wonder – where's the lead magnet funnel? Where's the webinar? Why isn't he asking me to do any of those things? I genuinely wonder how I can give back for all the value you provide. Out of curiosity – how come you don't do any of those things yourself?

    I've just set up my funnel using YT ads – > mailerlite -> thinkific. Excited to see my mailing list grow from 0

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