Altcoin Gems on Uniswap and Urgent Message!!

In this video, we discuss how to find Altcoin hidden gems on Uniswap with the launch of V3 and Ethereum layer 2 solution getting very close. Also a very important message on altcoin scams and other Crypto news.

WARNING: The comments are full of scammers lately! There are even accounts using my name and logo!

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00:00 Crypto News intro
0:50 Do your Crypto Taxes in minutes!
2:15 Cryptocurrency market updates
3:15 How to find gem altcoins on Uniswap
7:22 Litecoin Price Discussion
8:34 $25k Crypto Giveaway
8:54 Ethereum Network Updates and Gas Fees
9:49 My thoughts on Ripple XRP
13:00 The problem with blockchain gaming and the solution
14:44 Final thoughts and video outro

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BLVK – Under the Trees
Music by: Aso – Loungin

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  1. It feels interesting, mate. Tbh, I want to notice you that this Kianite Protocol product is really fine. I very seldom see crypto DeFi projects that are not verbal but actually, attach audit certificates and give promises not only in paper.

  2. Nice video! #Altcoins owns the moment and there will be some surprises to come. Small-caps alts will be the toast and $EFX remains the project to watch. They are really doing great and the latest addition to the #BSC ecosystem.

  3. That seems interesting fell

    Btw, I want to tell that this $NFTT token trully cool. I rarely see tokens that are not verbal, actually attach audit proofs and guarantee not only in words.

  4. how about unitrade and fxf? both are going to surge hard, both still pre binance listing, unitrade is only 20 million market cap, fxf is at like 80, they are both about to pop off huge new updates, fxf launching its platform, and unitrade coming out with V3 in the next two weeks adding farming, IFO's, NFTS, lotteries, IDO launchpads to get all the newest coins. join my small bags in becoming big bags watching these both run up in the next hump of this bull run. these are both going to 30x

  5. Lmfao for who a guy that last video was bullish on cake this is a pleasant surprise with the title for coins to pick up on Uniswap. How about you get them on panflopcAke😂😂😂

  6. Looking into Crypto change my Life. I'm forever grateful to Earningtrack which was able to guide me invest properly and make weekly wonderful returns. Now house and cars all paid off, still investing with money already saved and no other debt.

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