Microsoft Audience Network + ClickBank Complete 2021 Tutorial (Without a Website)

Watch behind my shoulder as we use the Microsoft audience network to promote our ClickBank products without a website.

If you don’t have access to the audience network, make sure to simply contact support at Microsoft and ask them to give you access to the audience network.

If you live in the US, UK, Canada or Australia, they should give you access right away, you don’t even have to wait.

Here is what we’re going to cover in this video:

0:00 – Introduction
1:12 – Select our ClickBank product
3:14 – Set up tracking with ClickMagick
4:54 – Creating our Microsoft audience network ads

Step 1: Selecting our ClickBank product

The first thing you have to do before doing any sort of promotion is of course select the product.

So head over to ClickBank at and find something you’d like to promote.

We are going to promote this offer directly on the Microsoft audience network, so we don’t have to create a landing page.

In our case we selected a product that helps people improve their credit score, so grab the affiliate link from ClickBank, and let’s head over into ClickMagick so we can create a link that we can promote on the Microsoft audience network.

Step 2: Setting up tracking with ClickMagick

Now that you selected your product, it’s time to create a tracking link for it so we can actually promote it.

Head over to ClickMagick and click on tracking links.

If you don’t have a ClickMagick account yet, you can sign up for it using my 14-day free trial affiliate link here:

👉 ClickMagick free 14-day trial:

We’re going to click on “create new” under the tracking links section and build out a new tracking link.

Just fill in the blanks and paste your ClickBank affiliate link in the primary URL section.

Click on the wrench icon and select “ClickBank (affiliate)” from the option there.

Make sure you also follow along my video where I show you how to set up sales tracking between ClickMagick and ClickBank.

You can find that video here:

👉 ClickBank + ClickMagick sales tracking:

Once you set all that up, you’re good to go and now let’s go to the final step and actually promote our ClickBank product on the Microsoft audience network!

Step 3: Promote the product on Microsoft Ads

Click on “all campaigns” and then click on “create new campaign”.

Select the traffic objective if you don’t have any conversion pixels set up, and now you’ll be given the choice of using the search network or the audience network.

If you still don’t see the audience network, make sure to contact support and ask them to give you access – you should get it right away if you ask.

From here on, it’s the same layout as for every other campaign we’ve been creating.

You’ll set up your campaign, then ad group, then the ad.

At the ad group level is where you’ll select your targeting – this is the meat and bones of your campaign.

You will be able to select the exact people you want to target – what age group, country, gender, industry, occupation they are in and so on.

You can also create in-market audiences here and target people based on them being “in the market” for something.

Once you select your targeting, click on next and go to the ad part.

This is where you build out your ad – ad the headline, long headline, description, and image.

Microsoft has an integration with Shutterstock just like every other paid ad network out there, so you can get a high-quality image for free.

Although it’s recommended of course that you create your own custom images to better engage with your audience.

Here you would enter the final URL as the actual final URL that the user lands on when clicking on your link – don’t enter the tracking link as the final URL.

Instead, when you click “tracking template”, you want to enter your tracking link there that we created in ClickMagick.

You can also any of the tracking tokens that Microsoft provides you at the end of that link. Here is a list of all the tokens that are available:

👉 Microsoft Ads tracking tokens:

Save your ad and you’re good to go!

That’s how you use the Microsoft audience network with ClickBank products!

Additional resources:

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  1. Hey man this is great, nice video! What is the minimum number of people in a custom audience to create a remarketing campaign in microsoft ads? Thanks!

  2. Ivan, Sorry, I don't understand why this procedure is totally different from the sample tutorial on Synapse XT where we had to search for keywords but didn't go into detail about demographics. They are both the same in a sense that there were no landing pages created for either of these Clickbank products.

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