Unbounce: How to Create an Image Gallery

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Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to create an image gallery on your Unbounce landing page. This is a cool and useful way to showcase images or pictures that you have to people browsing your website, especially if you are a real estate agent, photographer, and so on.

The process is not complicated and doesn’t require any code, so let’s jump straight into it.

1. The first thing we need to do is create a button that will take users to the lightbox. So create any button that says “click me” or something of the like and under “Action” select “go to lightbox”. You should now see a lightbox tab in addition to the regular tabs in your Unbounce edit screen.

2. Now you can click on this lightbox tab and start adding your images!

You would simply drag the image element into this lightbox and upload or add whatever image you want. You can even include several if you want. If you are having trouble adjusting the image dimensions, check out my video where I show you how to easily adjust them here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJZCXLRwaes&list=PLS46f4aLJ2hOdr6ZRw-9cnSXVWfa0r86i&index=11

In fact, you can even add videos to this Unbounce lightbox and have users see testimonials or the like if you prefer. Anyway, now that you have added an image, it’s time to add more buttons to that lightbox!

3. Simply repeat the process from the first step – drag the button onto this lightbox.

You might want to make the button circular to replicate what an arrow might look like, and you can change the background color and the likes, but there is limited customization options when it comes to the actual button shape.

But regardless, you would want to add an arrow on the right and left side so that people can go “forward” or “back”.

You can use the position element here to give exact location of the button and maintain it’s consistency across other lightboxes, which we’ll get to in a bit.

But after you add these boxes, you just have to select “go to lightbox x” under “Action” and enter the lightbox you want to take people to upon clicking the button.

That means taking users to lightbox 2 as right-hand button if they’re on lightbox 1, and taking them to lightbox 1 if they’re on lightbox 2 for the left-hand button.

4. Now you just create another lightbox and keep going until you’re happy with the number of “slides” you have.

You would repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have enough arrows and lightboxes.

Just make sure to add the 2 buttons to every lightbox you make and go to each of them and set the action to “go to lightbox”, as we forgot to do that for our first lightbox left-hand button in the video.

That’s it!

Here is your link to the free Unbounce 14-day trial: https://unbounce.grsm.io/ivan?sid=u-imagegallery-2

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!


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  1. Hey Ivan, Great tutorials! I'm looking to do this without a lightbox pop up. How would I do that? Basically, I want to have 3 tabs for my real estate services, then on each tab, I want users to be able to click right or left arrows to view different projects within each tab. I'm going for a clean look and don't want to have a lightbox, but achieve the same effect. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hey Ivan, I see that you've been uploading several videos about Unbounce lately and I wanted to ask you. Which platform do you think is better clickfunnels or unbounce? I know this could be hard to answer since it depends on many factors. But I would say, from the user experience. Without considering the affiliate part.

  3. Keep in mind you can add anything you want to the slides … images, videos, text, you name it! Make it interactive and interesting for the visitor!

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