I Broke A Passive Income Record (Dividend Income)

I broke a passive income record with 52 dividend paychecks! Here’s how I did it

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I just broke a passive income record last month. In this video I want to share my income, how much my money has grown, and I’ll include price ratings for your consideration to figure out how to invest if you’re unsure where to start investing as a beginner.

Dividend investing is the road to getting rich slowly. The longer you are in the stock market with dividend stocks, the more your income grows over time. But it grows fast, here’s an example: if I were to do nothing from this point on, and I stopped reinvesting my income, based on my growth over the last 5 years which has been 5.4%, in 5 years time, my income will be around $11,346 dollars. In 10 years, it will be nearly $15,000. In 20 years, it will be $25,000. That’s not counting for inflation which is 2% per year but my income still tripled in 20 years and I did nothing to work for it. But if you can continue investing at the rate that I was when I was earning $50,000 a year, which is when I was putting away $2,000 a month, then in 20 years, you would end up with $1.2 million dollars, which would pay you $111,000 a year.

I assumed a starting amount of $200,000 which is where I’m roughly at right now, with 5.5% annual dividend increases with an annual yield of 4% per year, and stock appreciation at only 2% per year for a total of a 7.74% annual return. Think of it like rolling a snowball down a hill, the first part is really hard, but once it grows to a certain size, it picks up and the dividends grow much faster the larger they get until the interest they pay you is more money than you can afford to contribute yourself from your active income.

Now this is where my mind gets blown. At my current plan, I want to have a million dollar dividend portfolio by next year in 2021, if I do, I will have an annual income of $40,604, but I won’t quit making YouTube videos, and if I continue to reinvest those $40,000 every year for the next 15 years, then by the time I’m in my mid 40s, which is still a super young age, then I will have a portfolio worth nearly $4,000,000 paying me 360,000 a year, which is 30,000 thousand dollars a month. That’s the power of dividend investing.

This brings the monthly total to a record high of $917 for September’s Dividend income. That’s almost $1k for the month of September which is crazy to think that your money can earn money. If you can do this consistently, you are literally putting your money to work for you and the growth it generates is called compound interest. The idea is that these stocks will pay you either every month, every 3 months, twice a year, or yearly as long as the company is profitable and making money for hopefully the rest of your life giving you the freedom to travel the world, live your life, while you collect passive income with no job and no one to answer to but yourself.

The advantage to dividend investing versus investing in growth stock companies – is that in an economy that is flat or going down, you are able to take your dividend income and reinvest it, to give you more shares while decreasing your cost basis and increasing your equity versus someone who holds on to a growth stock that might be just going up and down but ultimately going nowhere in that same amount of time. The downside, is that you pay more in taxes slightly over time so there are advantages to both. There’s a strong argument to be made for index fund investing to have better returns than dividend investors but this is my personal favorite way of building wealth for passive income.


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  1. A guest on The Wall Street Journal Report spoke sometime last week about making over $431,000 in 4months with a capital of $100,000, which made me realize that as a beginner i have alot to learn, so please assist me with any pointers or tips that would help me make this much profit.

  2. I got a few questions I wanna ask you. So far I’m doing well by investing my money into dividends and it’s been going well. But I don’t want to get taxed. Is there a way to transfer my account to a Roth on m1 & should I let it grow until it gets past 39,000 dollars in dividends and change into a Roth IRA so I won’t get taxed????

  3. Thanks Andrei. I appreciate your candid attitude to sharing your story, success and finance. Plus you happen to be just as much of a comedian as you are a magician. I am 43 and just starting to take money serious. I am using your knowledge and experience to crush the fear and get started. Thanks again. More success to you. Joshua

  4. The cool thing would is to be able to spend some of that but you'd be getting pushed around in a wheelchair from age by then. That just goes to show you how fucked up our financial system is that it would literally take a lifetime in order to actually live life to the fullest but then you die. All that time but, atleast you die rich I guess which is fucked because your not coming back in another life to spend it.

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