ClickMagick: How to Use ClickMagick Campaigns With Revcontent

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Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to use your newly-created ClickMagick Campaigns with Revcontent.

If you still haven’t created your campaigns in ClickMagick, I strongly suggest you check out that previous video first:

That way, you will know how to actually create the ClickMagick Campaigns before promoting it on Revcontent.

If you do know how to create these campaigns and are ready to get started, then follow along with me in this video and let’s get started – it’s a really simple process!

(1) The first thing you have to do is add the ClickMagick link that we created in the previous video or one that you already created before and add it into the Revcontent ad “Destination URL” field.

You do not need to add your URL parameters anywhere separately – simply add the entire Campaigns URL into this Destination URL field and you’re good to go.

(2) That’s pretty much it, but you can use the Revcontent unique tokens to create dynamically generated values show up in your ClickMagick account for the separate parameters.

So you would be using their article here:

Avoid using any tokens that will generate an ID number, such as the {boost_id} or {content_id} tokens – they will simply generate numbers for you that are pretty meaningless unless you specifically log into the Revcontent account and compare the numbers there with the ones in your ClickMagick account – which beats the whole point of using ClickMagick.

Just make sure to click on the URL builder and just check out the video that ClickMagick has there to see some of the best practices for using these parameters and you should be good to go!

(3) See all the data you need inside of your ClickMagick account!

You can sort by all the different parameters that you use, such as the utm source, utm medium, and so on.

That’s it!

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