2 Types Of Knowing & 1 Thats Holding You Back From Success


Click the link above to learn all you need to know to create success through an online business.

Then…Did you know there are actually 2 Types Of Knowing? …. One of these modes of knowing is likely the key thing that’s holding You Back from success in your business and life.

Find out what these types of knowing are so you can finally get out of your own way to create the success you want.


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  1. I want to help other middle aged women find peace in their lives by escaping a 9-5 life in a job they hate. Problem is, I haven’t figured out the solution yet.

    After struggling for years i thought web design was my calling so quit my job, went back to school and so far focused on 4 different niches, none of which I’m passionate about. As a result I’m losing steam.

    I watched several of your niche videos to really identify my passion.

    So how can I pursue helping others also escape their jobs? I escaped mine, it wasn’t easy and took a lot of sacrifice and family turmoil (single income hit) but I still haven’t figured it out for myself.

    My point is I haven’t gotten the results for me yet (other than escaping the job) so how can I help others? What services can I offer at this point? Do I have to figure it out for me first?

  2. Hi Miles, always loved your content. I have grown a wildlife instagram account to 600,000 followers with high engagement and reach. I want to start monetizing by setting up a dropshipping site and using my channels for free reach, which video's of yours do you recommend to watch to set this up? Again, thanks for the vids!

  3. The Real reason lies not in the "deceptions" of the gurus, but in the people themselves. They rationalize to themselves that they NEED just one more piece of knowledge before they make the first step, because of 1) Fear of failure, 2) Fear of making mistakes and being embarrassed in front of their audience 3) Fear of being judged + Bonus specialized beliefs: 4) "What makes me good enough is doing things perfectly" 5) "I can never get what I want" 6) "I'm not capable/competent"

    Believe me Miles, people know very well that they just need to start, but their beliefs will keep distracting them from this knowing. So telling them what they already know, but have been desperately trying to suppress with defense mechanisms, will lead to more…defense mechanisms.

    But your pointing them away from learning "just one more" piece of information is refreshing and true. Finally a marketer in service of others and not just their bottom line!

  4. I get conflicting advise. My newest coach says nothing about content … nothing about collecting emails … says webinars are DEAD and tells me to do Facebook LIVE and sell a $997 from there…after I make 20 "touches" …WTF….how am I supposed to make a "touch" without an email address ….FB LIVE? I'm really confused an I'm fairly resistant to building a business using a FB page……I dunno.

  5. You two are wonderful, love this mindset! I have a little question: I want to create a plan for a company that wants to put affiliate links on their own products (their own affiliate program so to speak). Do you know a software/plugin/company that lets you create your own affiliate links on your own products?

  6. Thanks, Miles! It's so easy to see all the targeted ads of every last aspect of online business and get sucked into them and start to feel like if you aren't paying attention to everything you're going to lose!

  7. Loved how you ended it!!! So real and relatable. I do have a question: I have this YouTube account I use to watch vids, but do I use the same account to build my content, or do I create another? I would like to use my real name, and I'm afraid if I use this existing account it wouldn't make sense to people. What say you?

  8. Excellent video and I agree 100% but think its not always not taking action but uncertain if the action you are taking is correct. What if you are, and have been, "doing" or "taking action", but not seeing results? Putting out content, sending emails, making offers etc., but no sales? How do you know you are on the right track? What kept you making videos after #48 that no one watched? I think this may be a reason people keep jumping from one thing to the next is not knowing if they are "doing" the things that will be of value. Am I in a profitable niche, do I have the right offer or am I providing valuable content etc. and if so, why don't I see success, or has it just not happened yet (like video 48 ;)? How do you know when to try something else or keep doing what you are doing? You had other ventures that didn't work as expected. How/when did you know to move on rather than keep at what you were doing?

  9. Thank you! I enjoy getting my hands dirty, its all learning. Yup, it is tiring but well worth it! 😀 Given that we have YouTube n Google, there are tons we can learn as we progress. Have a Beautiful Day Miles and Melanie!

  10. Nice one Miles… and Melanie! So great to see you guys speaking so bluntly about how it really is and in a way that's inspiring. Hope to get to hang out soon! Much love 🙏

  11. I think it's all about finding the RIGHT content and tuning out the rest. Insanely happy to have found your content Miles. It's definitely helped bring clarity in the confusing online biz space.

  12. Are you 2 homeless now? This is the second time you have spoken to us in a vehicle you appear to be living out of. I think Melanie will be OK.

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