6 Investing Habits That Changed My Life

These are my 6 daily Investing habits that have changed my life – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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Following this one is EASILY the most impactful in terms of how much wealth you can accumulate throughout your lifetime. When you’re young, one of the BIGGEST advantages you have when it comes to investing is really simple…it’s just TIME. Not only can you ride out any short term fluctuations in the market, but you can take full advantage of what’s called COMPOUND INTEREST. Every year that goes by without investing, is a year you won’t be seeing iNSANE growth 30 or 40 years from now.

This is the SIMPLEST, most FACTUAL piece of advice you’ll EVER hear when it comes to investing…but it also happens to be the most difficult for people to actually follow.

Studies Here:

And another study shows that, generally speaking, the more trades you make, and the more you try to time the market, the lower your overall return becomes.

On the other hand…research has also shown that since 1926, a 20-year holding period of the stock market has never ONCE produced a negative result…

So without over loading you with facts and studies, all I’m going to say is this: The buy and hold investment strategy tends to not only be the safest, but also the most profitable for the majority of people. In fact, just buying in the market IMMEDIATELY – regardless of where its priced – has out performed trying to time the market 71% of the time…

I’d MUCH rather you just NOT invest at all, than put your money into something you don’t fully understand. Especially in this market, where literally EVERYTHING is going up…it’s so simple to get disillusioned that investing is really easy, and get yourself accustomed to ALWAYS making money. But that doesn’t always happen. You need to understand that investing is going to be cyclical, investments will LOSE for years in a row…and you need to understand and know that going in.

When you invest money, there’s ALWAYS a chance that the value of that investment will go down in the near future. Investing should always be seen as a LONG TERM strategy. You generally can’t predict where the markets will be a few months or a few years from now – but, you CAN look back historically – and see that over a period of 10 or 20 years, your chances of coming out ahead profitable are pretty good. So, for that reason…investing any money that you’ll need within the short term is NOT a good idea, and could cost you a LOT if things end up getting bad.

Investing is just a way of life. All you need to do this, is to AUTOMATE your investing as much as you can. Just setup automatic withdrawals into a broad index fund without even thinking about it – out of sight, out of mind. You don’t need to be actively involved with it all the time, but just consciously remember it’s there – and that’s it.

This is the hardest thing to do from everything I’ve mentioned, but it’s also the one that will make you the most money if you get good at it. And what I mean by this is that you MUST trust your own thoughts and research, and NOT be swayed by someone else who says otherwise, or disagrees with you.

So, it’s really from those 6 habits that I’ve formed my ENTIRE investing career…in fact, I can’t think of a single investment I’ve made without considering each and every one of these points I’ve just discussed. Just follow this, stick with it…smash the like button…and you’ll be set.

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  1. I am curious about the $100 or $50 a week invested. How can you invest less ($50) over the same time frame and have a greater proportional return? ($1.2M at $50 vs. $2.3M at $100, $1.2*2, as it is half of the $100 would come to $2.4M. Something does not make sense…).. If i am missing something, please let me know! 🙂

  2. Stock picking strat: ask 100 people if a certain stock is going to go either up or down. Majority Vote says it’ll go up, short sell it. Majority says it’ll go down, buy in. Bc if 80% of people lose money in the stock market, than 80% of people are USUALLY wrong, so side against the majority

  3. The earlier the better, for the timeless advice to invest etc. I wish I started earlier. Indeed. And dividend growth / drip reinvestment / compounding interest is the best approach. Just 500$ a year after 9 years, that 4,500 is then 30,000$, at standard rates. You can get better rates thanks to the crash now. And you can invest more than that. An IRA to avoid paying taxes on the dividends / interest now is smart too.

  4. I agree with everything else, but. When you are 65, retired with a balance of 500,000 dollars on your account, you are not going to last very long. Remember the dollar will drop and it is unlikely that you will end up "Rolling in money" as you said.

  5. Literally I graduated 2012 and didnt invest even though I took a class I didnt take it seriously. guess who missed out on tesla. My regerts are big.

  6. Lot of truth in the video. although I just started investing and might not in the best time but timing is partly important. As far as I researched a good company even after 2008 bounced back in 5 to 15 years so if you don’t really need your money during that time investing is good, better then sitting on it or leaving in the bank.

    Considering starting investing, I made the mistake in 2019 not to start at least experiencing and investigating this option as I was shortsighted and deterred by the broker fees. Probably my worst decision as at that time I already had the company list portfolio down which made 3x since 2019.

    I believe if you do something always follow up and be consistent so I would not automate just yet rather read the news follow the market and the companies announcements achievements. And yes invest in something you know although I invested in shares and not indexes and ones I follow for years as I work with their products, maybe biased?

    Always do your do diligence as if you don’t and loose it is not going to help pointing fingers you’ll still be out of pocket if you invest. So it is up to your options and resources, time effort consistency and Lon go term dedication I see now should work with investing. And be prepare all the time you might loose your investment if you choose shares not established and more volatile .

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