Double Your Open Rates With These 8 Simple Tricks [Seriously… These Help!]

0:00 Introduction
0:47 Tip#1.Test The Email!
2:18 Tip#2.Don’t Ignore Your List!
3:41 Tip#3.Clean Your List!
5:12 Tip#4.As For Responsses
6:07 Tip#5.Who’s Sending?
7:13 Tip#6.Personalize!
8:07 Tip#7.Set Custom Timing!
8:52 Tip#8.Subject Line!

Double Your Open Rates With These 8 Simple Tricks… Yes, seriously! This will help you succeed with email marketing!

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Learning how to get better open rates for email marketing is one of the first major steps towards increasing the money you actually make from your email marketing efforts.

A lot of people think that 5 to 10% open rates are “okay”, but in truth, it’s really not, and here’s why;

With email marketing, whatever percentage opens your emails is the percentage of people actually seeing your offer.

So, if you only have 10% of your email list opening your emails, you’re only going to get sales from a percentage of those opens, usually around 1 to 3% sales rates.

For example, if you have an email list of 5,000 subscribers, at a 10% open rate, that’s 500 people who open your email.

If you have a 3% conversion rate from your offer, of those 50 people who open your email, you’d get 15 sales. That’s great, right?!


In this video, I’m going to show you how to DOUBLE your email open rates, which has the potential to DOUBLE your profits from your email marketing efforts!

Using the same math, 5,000 subscribers with a 3% conversion from visitors to your offer, if you had a 20% or higher open rate, you’d be looking at 1,000 opens, and 30 sales!

Now, there’s a lot to making sure that you have optimized your emails to get better open rates.

This video will walk you through the 8 major steps to making sure your emails are delivered, opened, are engaging, and get real click-throughs to your offer.

Email Marketing is not easy.

That’s why in this series that I am creating, you’ll see from start to finish, exactly how I have built a successful email marketing strategy that works day in and day out for me on complete autopilot.

After all, everything you do should be built for simplicity with automation.

With that said, the initial groundwork on getting the best email open rates will take some training and implementation.

That starts with this Email Marketing series, which I hope you watch every episode by subscribing and seeing every video when it publishes!

If you have bad open rates for your emails, don’t worry… There’s always hope.

The best way to get higher open rates for your emails is to start off on the right foot. You need to know what to do right because if you start off wrong, you can actually seriously damage your deliverability and open rates.

Learn how to do email marketing correctly before going too far. You will thank yourself for doing so.

Once you know how to get better email open rates, write great emails, and deliver value, THEN you can start working towards building a large automation for email marketing.

If you have any questions about email marketing, or how to increase your email open rates, please leave a comment below. I’m always happy to help anyone out!

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  1. Asking for People to Reply is huge. This is something a lot of marketers avoid as they're trying to 'fully automate'. Of course, a help desk/VA can solve this issue.

    As we committed online entrepreneurs know, 'Converstaional Marketing' is continuing it's upward trend from 2019 to 2020. It's paramount that we converse, relate, empathize etc as we grow the KLT (Know Like TRUST) factor. Thanks Spencer! All the Best…Chaz

  2. Its funny now that you mentioned that you have an email course, I went and checked, I have it (since forever of course) and I totally forgot about it :). Will be bing watching it, like I did with your ClickFunnels course and Affiliate Marketing course. Cannot thank you enough for all the value you keep providing!

  3. I was hoping you will say your full name but you didn't. I was referring someone to you, and I didn't know how to pronounce your last name. Is it 'ch' as in chime or 'ch' as in chemical.. lol bad examples I know. Sorry. As always, thank you so much for all the value you keep providing 🙂

  4. Great info, Spencer. Going back into my ActiveCampaign automations and making all of these changes! Appreciate it!

    I'm averaging 22% open rates, so maybe I could get 30% or more with these tips?! 😀

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