10 Things To Do Before You Start A YouTube Channel (MUST WACTH)

10 Things To Do Before You Start A YouTube Channel (MUST WACTH) // This video will show you what you need to do before starting a YouTube Channel. When you’re starting and setting up your YouTube channel there’s some things that you must to first to have a successful YouTube channel. Here’s some tips for new YouTubers to start and setup your Youtube channel from scratch for maximum growth and exposure!

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  1. I just launched my YT channel 1 week ago and am happy with the results and progress in a short amount of time. I discovered your channel this past weekend and have been diving into soooo many episodes. You are so knowledgeable and, yes, you are funny (even tho you don't think so). Thank you for so much great advise, tips and know-how. I know I have a LOT to learn, but I'm on my way and enjoying the journey! Improve every day, right?

  2. Thanks so much Marissa I have finally started my Youtube channel , You are my inspiration-Was watching all your Videos from last 1 year , Finally After listening and taking notes from your videos -Yay Finally Launched Yesterday Phew ,So Next step is Subs and Content-In Progress , Learnt a lot and Keep sharing your stories

  3. I used a lot of this advice before I re-launched my Channel today. I promoted it a little on FB, and VOILA! I got two new Subscribers and over twenty views in the first hour of premiering my video! Your advice is SOLID GOLD, Marissa, I've watched so many of your videos! Thanks!

  4. Thank you Marisa! This is GOLD!! I’ve already made many of these mistakes. No epiphany, it just wasn’t my focus, but I 100% see how important it is to go all in to make it happen here. Happy I found your channel!

  5. I watch so many Videos of this Type and honestly most of them always repeat the same shit and are more or less useless. Not yours! They really help me understanding Youtube a bit better and I don't have the feeling that I wasted time watching your Videos. I enjoy them. Keep it up Marissa

  6. Hi Marissa, Thanks for this helpful video. I have a couple of niches in my mind. I can't decide which one to chose. Kindly help me in this. I'll really appreciate your help. Thanks.

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