Amazon Announces DEVASTATING Updates For Affiliate Program in 2021

0:00 Introduction
1:14 Commission Levels Update
2:27 What you do?
8:05 What I look for when I’m looking for a High Ticket Affiliate Program

The Amazon Affiliate Program Changes in 2020 mean huge changes for Amazon Associates and Affiliates…

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When most people think about affiliate marketing, the first thing they think about is the Amazon affiliate program or the “Amazon Associates Program”.

That may not be the case in the future… Not with this lower commission changes they are dropping on April 21, 2020.

Tens of thousands of Amazon affiliates got hammered this week as Amazon announced drastic commission changes.

Many items dropped all the way down to 1%. Others had decreases of nearly 60%.

This video dives into the new Amazon affiliate program, where I’ll break down the new Amazon Affiliate Commission Levels, what types of products you can promote, and how to get your higher commissions back by leaving the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Is it worth it?

Is there a better way to do Affiliate marketing?

What do you do if you already have an Amazon affiliate site that you are relying on for income?

All covered.

We will talk about how to find High ticket affiliate offers can make much more money than anything on Amazon and do it much simpler.

It is the best time to stop promoting the Amazon affiliate program offers and move into the high ticket space.

As a side note, if you already use Amazon Associates or the Amazon Affiliate Program, watch this video, because I’ll show you how to save your commissions by finding new sources to referral your already built content.

Have no fear, Buildapreneur is here to help you adapt to these insane Amazon Affiliate Program changes.

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  1. This was never to become a pillar of your yearly revenue stream, it was bound to happen just look at how their employees are being treated. It was just a matter of time fore the guillotine to come down on affiliates…

  2. Good hearing from an expert in the field. I was happy to see that you made a video about this new development. Sorry about your wrist. Can only imagine what must have happened to the other guy.

  3. Amazon is large enough now, that they don't even need affiliates anymore honestly. But, it was a greed move on them. They waited until a Covid pandemic, when affiliates could make great incomes in the Health niche….then they strip them from the majority of the money when they probably needed it the most. Crooks.

  4. "Because 1% , it's… well it's frankly embarrassing."
    lmfao so true. But we all knew this was coming. Google has been sliding us out with their ads and snippets, now Amazon realizes they don't need the people that built them since they have their own ecosystem of direct traffic. Well, they've been cutting us down a few years now.

  5. This is what happened when you build your business under someone else platform that you don’t own. I saw it coming while back. If Facebook & Google, YouTube… can change their algorithms to their own benefits then Amazon Affiliate Program was in the process to applies new changes. This is just a start.

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