I Applied Grant Cardone's 10X RULE to My Life For a Week -VLOG 003 | Making A Millionaire

This week, I take it up another level…I use Grant Cardone’s 10 X Rule on my Life…but it didn’t quite go to plan.

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  1. Read/listen to Be Obsessed Or Be Average by Cardone. He would tell you to hire someone to build that website. It sounds crazy but listen to his reasoning and it starts to make sense. He would say you are a salesperson and you are making your income from selling and closing or coaching or creating your original content etc. Pay someone $1,000 to spend the day updating your site and make $10,000 closing people on your services etc. Anyways I know it's not always that simple but the mindset that Grant will put you in is simply amazing. Great content and like Grant says you can't drink the koolaid you gotta swim in it.

  2. I always wondered how Cardone has such energy. In one of his books he talks about the clean body clear mind protocol to flush out all the toxins. (actually it's a book) I think this has to do something about his tremendous energy levels. I ll check it out next month. It involves infrared sauna, and niacin … if i have enough money

  3. Thanks for giving me that hate man 😂 haha. You also gotta mention you copied my funnel a couple months ago. I liked how yours looked so I “copied” yours. Didn’t know you would take it personal I could change it if you would like?

  4. You’re so darn likable Liam! I gotta say… sleeping in till 9am while commissions continue to come in is success… Just remember.. there is beauty and success in Balance. You can create Your own success according to the vision of your own life and if that means not getting up to an annoying 5 am alarm… whose to judge? You’re awesome! Love your vlogs! 😊

  5. Hey Liam, these vlogs are top mate. You’ve proven that we don’t always hit our targets and it doesn’t come easy but having a positive outlook on it and carry on with the day just shows your determination. Makes me feel that I need a good routine and plan the day to become more productive.
    I understand your using builderall but are you still using maxbounty too?
    Do you need them both for your funnel to work? I’m completely new to affiliate marketing so I’m just doing my research first so I have a full understanding what to do and how it works. Cheers man

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