How To Build A Personal Brand From Nothing & Monetize It

Find out exactly how to build a killer personal brand from scratch and how to use it to make money online.

Here’s the link to the video I mentioned, where I go into more detail about using social media to build your brand-

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Watch my first video explaining the challenge here:

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  1. Nice video. What is your suggestion for Asian guys specially from India/Pakistan. It feels me that English people dont like/trust on Asian people. So how can we succeed?

  2. Hi Liam, how did you get into building websites and stuff? Like how did you learn. I'm looking to get into making money online through aff marketing and similar, what sources did you use to learn the very basics of these forms of income?

  3. This will sound silly but building a brand and putting my face out there sounds scary because everyone I know will "laugh" at me. They'll think I'm a scam artist or chasing fairies. What if I decide affiliate marketing is not for me in the end. Dont get me wrong, affiliate marketing and online entrepreneurship sounds incredible but the journey sounds gruesome.

    Loving your vids <3

  4. Currently building my brand in the Match Betting community (which I know you have had success in!) Just trying to get some members into a facebook group which is the hard part!

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