JUSTIN KAN: This Industry Will Make you a Billionaire #Shorts

@JustinKanTV tells us where is the next biggest opportunity in terms of markets.

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  1. Climate change company. A scamming company that scam good middle income people to not use coal, gas and oil. Just cause my Ideal is Better and more important than the common people. Look at France the reason people rebel against the country before covid for almost 2 years was because gas and energy prices was insane to manage for farmers and middle income people in and around Paris. The Biden administration create this inflation for so called green project to create what they Called A Better ecosystem for the earth. Earth is adaptable and can handle any climate changes by human or no human effects. Yeah yeah call me conspiracy theorist but we all knew climate change companies Do Not and will Not save humanity and of Earth. Only use those names to fill in thier pockets and reality bubble thier in.

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