Crypto Collapse Just Got Worse | FTX Drama

The crypto collapse just got worse:
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  1. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t promote FTX on this channel. He received a cut of the FTX sponsorship on the other crappy podcast. Which makes him 100% guilty of promoting FTX. This guy is definitely part of the problem!

  2. All good with me Andrei! I have never clicked any of your links or followed any of your advice. You're just entertaining us. You're the magic trick jokester guy, we all know that. We don't take you serious bro. Have a great 2023 🙂 it's all good!

  3. Very nice sorry video, ftx paid you through your affiliation with millennial money and you're just conveniently not including that detail here whilst thousands of people trusted you to burn their savings

  4. i haven't been too active watching your videos in a while. you used to have portfolio updates periodically. i remember at one point you had 1M+ in crypto and a lot in stocks. then later the crypto fell in half than i think when voyager tanked all your crypto money got locked up. did you ever get it back? did you put more in and lose more in ftx or blockfi now? just wondering. i assume your nft investments tanked too unless you are lucky as hell.

  5. As we now know, FTX's weakness, no, Fatal Flaw, was that it was rotten inside, stole depositors funds, and I think we will find, was a fraud from the start. If you wish to compare banks to FTX and their reserves against deposits, then compare FTX to a bank that is taking out the deposits and buying things, and gambling with the money.
    There is a fatal flaw in this video, you can compare the fractional reserve model of banks to the crypto platforms, but I don't see how you can compare crypto to the dollar. Dollar: full faith and credit of the U.S. government compared to a finite in theory token. It is more like lithography with numbered copies, than it is like a fiat currency, and solves a problem that doesn't exist.

    I do enjoy your videos, though. Cheers.

  6. Andre Make that money, man, you're an entrepreneur. Nobody could possibly have predicted the future. People are simply irritated because they made a poor decision. They enjoy blaming others, but they will never look themselves in the mirror and say, "It was my fault."

  7. Andrei you are here letting us know what you are doing and the updates with crypto. Every single person here is 100% responsible for their own funds. I have watched you from 200k subs and listened to your advice and ran it against my own. I have taken bit and pieces of your advice but kept all my crypto on an separate wallet. I know you had money in Blockfi and I did get convinced to grab the Blockfi credit card but the only money I lost was $100 worth of interest rewards from the card. I ran my own risks. If people here are blaming you then they are the real idiots and deserve to lose their money.

  8. If the exchanges are going under, then how can your cold storage container be safe?

    50k to 15k?

    That is quite a loss, without a reliable way to Cash out what you have. It is all play money now.

  9. I have been watching Andrei for a year or more by now and enjoy his videos but anyone who invests in crypto is just potentially giving there money away…you could go to a casino and place a bet and have more security that you will get paid than investing in crypto….people want no government regulation….and you are getting no government regulation or backing…FTX need’s to fail.

  10. promoting BlockFi on the same video you talk about FTX failing is heartless and dumb. comes off very corporate and it makes anything you say seem disingenuous, proving you're willing to sacrifice your subscribers' entire livelihoods just to make a quick buck

  11. Because of you I started investing in Robinhood, thanks for it, hope you don’t pump things which you don’t know 100% in the future. Because we love your content and don’t want you get bashed.

  12. love how you’re like “whaaaat? scam? that wasn’t supposed to be happening. crazy” then explain fundamental banking reserves and expect us to be wowed by it. own up to the fact that you chased that money and screwed your audience…knowingly.

  13. Financial youtubers needs to be regulated. It's easy to avoid consequences when you just need to put "not a financial advice" while people lose their life savings right ?

  14. Wait, i put all my money in crypto, in the hope of getting rich over night, (cuz ain't nobody got time to work for money no more, we all want to get rich NOW) , and it didn't work?!?! Surprised pikachu face. I better go blame this youtuber for how irresponsible i am and how i chose to use my OWN money. Yea that should work. Lmao those commenting that is his fault, deserves every penny lost. If you even watch his videos at all, you know what he suggest you invest in (yea, the word SUGGEST. You should look that up, what it means). And its not crypto. Its safe dividend stocks.

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