4 Ways to Make Extra On Every Article: These Are Easy!

I love affiliate marketing because it’s one of the simplest ways to bring value to your audience and make money at the same time. It’s a win-win if you do it in a genuine and helpful way.

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  1. Hey Riki, Don't you think we are moving towards video reviews slowly? Bloggers will purchase different variants of a product and review them.
    This will create better trust and customer will also be able to see the live products

  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas. The challenge for a lot of beginners, is the budget to purchase several similar products to test. Love the strategy and see the benefits.

  3. The problem is people go into niches they are not passionate about. As a result they don't own any of the products for that niche so the whole venture turns into a costly deal for stuff they are not actually going to get any value from. Thats why its important to go into something that you are passionate about.

    Also, a lot of people get fooled when they are looking into niches because there appears to be a lot of competition, so they give up on the things they want to do for something they don't want to do because it looks easier.

    Most niches are filled with with the fly by night blogs with no passion. They are easily beatable if you have a genuine interest in the niche you have chosen.

  4. I am in a fishing niche, all of the tackle and lures I recommend I actually use or have used. Many of these lures are inexpensive with a very small commission, but it makes it easy for the reader to obtain them. My top performing post has a ton of affiliate links, like 15, and it has not hurt my ranking. My Amazon income is generally 1/3 of total income.

  5. Thumbs up for these videos. I started 1 month ago. What is your average conversion on amazon? I have 47 clicks but still no sales, product is pretty good I use it personally.

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