Why Being *Scared* Keeps You Broke (WARNING)


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  1. You all need to be careful with people having you go to a website to open up an account
    to trade and deposit money or send the money to them to "deposit" into your new account
    and you have to send it in a form of Bitcoin as well, they will tell you how much you will get in return
    for a certain amount, you put in your account to trade.
    Then they show you how much you earn and they will ask you for money again to pay the broker
    to get your money out and deposited to you on the cash app and many other ways.

    This scam happening in many different ways on all social media is very viral right now, I fell for it and
    got ripped off for $350. DON'T TRUST ANYONE! Keep your money…

  2. When I got my taxes filled out the first question I was asked was if I had any Bitcoin. This is the first year this has happened but it seems like we are headed that way! Thank you Anthony for your advise!!

  3. I hadn't thought about the market reasoning behind why Apple isn't crashing but crypto is. Thanks for the analysis. Also, certainly you're correct that we shouldn't fear new things because they represent very big opportunity.

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