5 Books That Will Change Your Life

Are you here to do BIG things in life? Do you feel like your bank account isn’t a reflection of your TRUE potential? Want a proven path to take your life, business & finances to the next level? Read & study these 5 books, ASAP! ⬇️ Links in the description! ⬇️

#1 – https://www.milesbeckler.com/abundance

#2 – https://www.milesbeckler.com/prosperity

#3 – https://www.milesbeckler.com/marketing-plan

#4 – https://www.milesbeckler.com/advertising-solution

#5 – https://www.milesbeckler.com/war-of-art

Full disclosure, these are affiliate links and I’d earn a TINY commission if you purchase within 24 hours of clicking on them.

Great way for you to support the channel while you get your learn on!Learn why these are the best books for entrepreneurs and digital marketers to read immediately.

The first book will help you understand what true abundance is and how it operates within the universe and world we live. Understanding that money is simply energy… Stored energy and value that we used to exchange with others, you learn how to work with this energy to magnetize it instead of repelling it.

It’s important to gain a reframe on what money is and what abundances in order for you to align yourself with that what you desire… Ultimately wealth and abundance.

The second book will help you rewire your brain and it will reinforce the lessons from the first book… But it goes beyond to offer you a specific series of exercises and a specific way to manage your finances that will prepare you for more abundance.

Just as a small wire in the wall of your house can only hold a small amount of energy…

The mindset you have built over your life is the limitation to how much monetary energy you can hold.

If you want to earn more income and have more money to spend and enjoy in life, you must become a greater conduit for this level of energy. There are physical structures required, like the banking solutions he teaches… But there are also mental structures required which are also taught.

The third book is getting into the side of business, Internet marketing and sales funnels.

I’ve always considered myself a direct response marketer and this book teaches the core principles of direct response marketing that are responsible for having made me millions.

He summarizes the great ideas from the best direct response marketers in a very concise and condensed way and he lays out a clear plan about what you are trying to create as your business engine that can generate the kind of abundance you seek.

The fourth book is all about copywriting and advertising.

Building the business machine is one thing, having the words on every page that actually compel your audience into action is a totally different challenge that you must overcome to create true wealth and abundance.

That’s exactly what you learned in the fourth book.

The fifth book is all about doing the work. Having the knowledge is one thing… But actually stepping up and doing the work day in and day out is the most important part.

This also seems to be the most difficult part for many people.

That’s exactly why there’s a book that’s all about the resistance and how you are going to overcome that daily in order to continue showing up for your audience, for your business so you can actually build what you desire.

These are truly life changing books with powerful information that can revolutionize your life…

That is…

If you put in the time and effort.

If you want more of my videos about wealth, abundance and the law of attraction… Three keys to getting your mindset right so you can actually attract the level of income you desire…

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  1. Hi Miles

    Thank you for the lovely and wonderful video and this list.

    Can you share your own experiences after following the 40 day plan from THE ABUNDANCE BOOK

    Just curious to know 🙂🙂

  2. Hey man thx a lot, I'll read all of them. I'd like to ask your opinion on these other 5 copywriting books
    -great leads
    -insider guide to affiliate marketing
    -traffic secrets
    -breakthrough advertising
    -how to write a good advertisement

  3. I cannot thank you enough for your recommendations Miles. I purchased The Abundance Book on Tuesday, started my 40 day programme straight away. I have been studying the spirit of opulence and this book is everything I needed in growing and increasing with my inner self. I am now 30% through the 1Page marketing plan and seriously this book is gold. I have taken incredible amounts of value from it to implement it into my business that I have just started up. The more I study and increase my knowledge the more I realise why people like yourself give away so much for free. We are abundance and I am very grateful for all your content 🙏😀

  4. For anyone who is second guessing whether to listen to the "Prosperity Consciousness" audio I highly suggest you listen to it. After watching this video I clicked the link Miles provided and listened to Prosperity Consciousness for 3 days straight (no lie). It has changed the way I think about money period. I am in the act of completing all the steps and I will keep an update on my channel. Thank you Miles I appreciate this recommendation.

  5. Jim Rohn once said that there are only about a half dozen things you need to do/read/watch/listen to succeed in any field. Its amazing that Miles always cuts through the clutter and recommend those half dozen things. Thank you again Miles!

  6. Thanks brother!

    ill add…..Read everything from Dan Kennedy! Especially book relevant for this topic – "Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs"

    Thanks again and greetings From Serbia!

  7. searched audible for 'Prosperity Consciousness: How to Tap Your Unlimited Wealth' and realised that it is in my library and has been there since 2016 lol. After your review, I will certainly have a listen. Don't think I listened to it before. 🤣Edit: I decided to listen for 3 hours today, I still have another 4 hours to go. It gives affirmation but not sure how to implement these. Wish this audio wasn't so long winded, no wonder why I didn't finish it the first time around.

  8. Thanks Miles. I know what I'm going to use my next audible credit on.

    I've been working on my business for a while now. I just found your page. I'm a new subscriber and appreciate what you do.

  9. Miles, you continue to Blow Me Away! I can't say enough about how truly impressed I am with your ethics. I LOVE LOVE LOVE you man! Oh, you won't be hearing from me for a while… I'll be busy reading 5 new books 😉

  10. Miles I listen to this YouTube video the other day and I thought oh I've got a couple of credits at audible. So I picked up the Prosperity Consciousness and it's so good! Thank you for the recommendation. Now I'm going to pick up the other four books 👍

  11. Thanks Miles. Which of these is great to gift businesses penny pinching in their marketing? I don’t mean it so they go fully blind but explode their potential wisely and build long term and not just live for the instant cash days.

  12. Oh man!! We've been waiting for this one Miles. Looking forward to reading these! Just finished reading your recommendation for The Science of getting Rich by Wallace Wattles and that was a total mind shifter.

  13. I love that you mention the spiritual aspect of of life with business. & how being of service & giving sends this energy into quantum universe that your ready to receive in abundance 🙏🏽
    Our Heavenly Father is so good! Thanks for the spiritual perspective Miles 💯

  14. Miles, Thank you, for all the things you do, I have library of books audio because I start in 1996 colleting books, audios and it so truly I tested that in my own life I send out my bills say thank you God love of world and I witness 30 fold, 60 fold 100 fold all return back to me, I can not explain it but it really turn out like that. It from listening reading studying I discover this in my own life. Miles, you are so correct get the mind corrected to receive abundance. Thank You

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