How To Build An Un-Cancelable Business

Your business is the mechanism that generates the cash flow you need to live your life. If you put control over your business in another person’s hands you may wake up one day to be canceled.

And when other companies, corporations and interest groups have the ability to cancel you…?

Your cash flow situation can change to the downside fast.

For Internet entrepreneurs this is common knowledge with Google eliminating entire categories of sites from algorithm changes over last 10+ years…

PayPal has been notoriously banning accounts and locking funds for over a decade when people have a big launch…

Facebook and killing organic reach on pages and posts… Canceling add accounts left and right.

PayPal freaks out because you make $1 million in a week and they lock your account with all of your funds in it… And you have to pay affiliate commissions.

We’ve been dealing with this stuff for decades…

But there’s a new attack vector going on these days.

Today it’s more about woke mobs attacking people over social justice issues when their pissed off Because someone asked questions about the medical science behind our current world.

All I care about… Is you building an uncancelable business they can support you and your family regardless of where the world goes.

Because the world’s crazy.

And if you achieve escape velocity in your business you can live a very comfortable, calm, enjoyable and serene life…

Even when the world goes crazy.

That’s why you need to understand the concept of “own the racecourse” which is what I discuss here in this video that was originally recorded years ago.

Dropping some reruns for y’all here on the channel right now.

This message is more timely now today than ever before.

And the last bit of value for those who actually read down to the bottom of the comments… I know who you are and I appreciate you.

It’s all about building and owning your email list. This video breaks down the un-cancelable business model

All of those email addresses and my legal right to mail them… No one can take that away from me.

The physical mailing list I own… No one can stop me from mailing a postcard promoting my products to those people.

This has been 100% by design of the last decade.

If you are on my email list, get my helpful emails here:

Build yourself a list, go all in on helping those folks And you’ve got yourself the recipe for success.


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  1. Miles,
    I love all of your content and am in the researching phase to finalize my niche, etc. I did have a question about thos particular video, though. Many other "coaches" have been advocating in recent months/years to "build your business on Facebook (in groups) and from your cell phone to gain a laptop lifestyle." I remember thinking that can't be right because Facebook could cancel you anytime, but the argument they have is that YouTube could cancel you too. So now I'm confused. Are Facebook Groups and YouTube viable options to build your business or is one better than the other or should I go all in somewhere else?
    I appreciate your advice about this.

  2. Do you have any done for you affiliate site services where I can hire you or someone to set up and manage an affiliate website for me that makes a small net profit? I have about 3000 domains that I need to monetize somehow with a small profit on each. Suggestions?

  3. Yes a very good point about owning the platform or at least not being dependant on just one income stream. I've seen a few Youtubes about how people running very successful shops on Etsy have had the rug pulled – with no way to appeal the decision.

  4. This even happened to Facebook (Meta) with Apple blocking ad tracking on iOS… own your customer (email, cc, address, etc), own your systems (e.g. platform).

    This even boils down to getting removed from AWS and getting your credit card processor banning you…

  5. So strange… I was coincidentally searching for a way to overcome this common objection for when I pitch my web design services to potential clients, and why building your company site on WP is better than other, less expensive options… then I got your email this morning. Great stuff, as always, Miles 👍

  6. Pretty scary. Unless we have the server in our house, how do we guarantee it all won't come crashing down anyway? Or if the carrier goes down i.e comcast, xfinity, our digital empires go with them. meh.

  7. Great Content as always Miles. It's appropriate as well since Cancel culture is real and I want to begin to address some political/societal issues that are certain to run contrary to the opinions that dominate the day. For example, look at Spotify and Joe Rogan. In addition to building one's list, are there any other options where you can "Own the racetrack"? I'm thinking of audio and video distribution. I guess owning one's servers and self hosting but I don't know how to deal with the lag that would come from such an endeavor. Just curious as to whether you have any thoughts on that.

  8. You get me so fired up about a blog… For 2 years I’ve been marketing on Facebook using organic profile methods… The reach went waaay down and I had a similar experience to yours when you were starting out on MySpace… Made a descent amount of money but the product turned out to be a piece of junk so became almost impossible to sell.

    Your definitely the one that inspired me to finally do the 90 day YouTube challenge! On day 7 and stoked!! Views are not many but starting to gain some traction!!!

    Great analogy and soooo true! Focusing on YT and finishing my blog up now! Been batching YT content and scheduling daily videos and working on my blog in the background! Fixing to start writing articles for my videos in the next few days!

    Have a great day and awesome content as always!!

  9. Love it! I'm starting to do this with my website design business. I'm building new websites on my own whitelable website builder… that way, clients are at least paying for the website every month.

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