How the "Fork in the Road" Made Me a Millionaire (LEARN THIS)


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  1. I just bought your package partner with Anthony and I’m very willing yet open minded and truly appreciate your understanding and kindness I expect to meet you one day honestly now I suppose time will tell….

  2. I think sometimes it can be very easy to lose yourself in ones own personal strife and struggles and to forget just how important every little decision is. To lose ones awareness of just how impactful every moment of our lives is, forgetting that every decision shapes the entire reality of ones future. We all deal with stress, most of us anxiety, even depression. Unfortunately its unavoidable. Its in our dna.. personally, I can say I was running from the greater understanding you spoke about for a very long time. I graduated with a 4.0 at 16, became a surgical technician for the following 7 years but then fell off or more so jumped off.. dealing with losing most all my family to both mental illness and cancer. I found myself all alone so I turned to substances to avoid reality. I was running for over a decade, using everyday. I can say with conviction that im now and for the rest of my life be in recovery but thats ok. Ive found myself again and feel the drive and the passion to want more for myself. Success is just beginning to find me because I found myself. For everyone out there fighting your demons struggling to better your life, dont give up. Like Anthony says, every single decision matters. If you truly want a better life go all inand dont look back. The energy will come and the universe will align. Peace and love to everyone. Thx again Anthony, ill be tuning in regularly moving forward.

  3. You are the best. Thank you for making us be aware. Thank God that I know somebody like you, I will apply myself more; truly if I was more aware and applied myself more I wouldn’t be where I am in my today, I would have been way better. The good thing is it’s never too to late to start. Much love ❤️ from this end. God bless you

  4. Thank you Anthony you are helpful with educating each individual you work with. Your skills as an instructor are phenomenal. Thank you for caring about others and teaching them a wealth of knowledge.

  5. Thank you Anthony, You have never given up on trying to help me over the years and I want you to know it has been so much appreciated. This video though from all the things Ive ever seen or read has impacted and spoken to my soul. I dont know why now because its something I already know but perhaps with all the trials and tribulations in our lives I had forgotten along the way, I had forgotten about taking care of me and what would lead me down the path to the things I want and need in my life. For this I words cant express my gratitude.

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