Cardano ADA: A Warning to Investors

Cardano ADA update as Q1 2022 will see ~30 projects launch on Cardano

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Intro – 00:00
Market Update – 00:45
Coti DJED Update – 03:11
ADAX Pro Launch – 05:06
Mid Month Update – 06:34
Warning – 08:06

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  1. So they are using Crypto currencies. Which are highly speculative and highly volatile in of themselves. As collateral to back stable coins. which are basically fake counterfeit dollars issued in a computer program. Lol what a freaking joke!! US government is going to shut this shitshow down sooner or later!!!

  2. Hi James, please add your course to Udemy. I am sure that it gonna be the best crypto trading course over there with atleast a 100,000 likes! You are the best brother!

  3. I believe < that the inflation is already priced in crypto market since the end of last year. These manipulative rats are always 2 steps ahead of everybody because they are market makers. I hope I’m wrong and they won’t keep dumping it on retail investors as always. Those who hold the longest will profit the most, I trade and hold profits keep up the great work! and also Matt Corallo has been doing a great job reviewing all chart, trade and techniques on BTC which has enhance the growth of my portfolio to 17 BTC lately.< You can reach Matt on ͲeIєɠɾαm👉Mattcorallo

  4. ADA and DOT will continue its run very soon, big news incoming, these 2 chains will make a run from Ethereum from the start of this year, get in before it’s to late, these prices will not be at these levels for long.. Happy new year to all, and remember DYOR..

  5. Hi James, Grear channel, great work and info, thanks. I was considering your course, I was wondering if you can offer a discount code for it ? And with your course, will I be able to know your strategy to when exactly to buy and sell, and which coin ? Thanks.

  6. I also invested usdt in ADA before, but a lot of information about this coin indicated that it was a soap bubble. To be honest, I was not surprised that the coins dropped in value.

  7. I'm one of those who held ada even when it seemed useless. Once I wanted to store its value in usdt, but just one week later, ada started to show more of green percentage, so I think it's better to buy more

  8. WTF just happened??!?!? ~ 8:51pm PST. ~ EVERYONE DUMPED?!?!?

    ?????????? x'D~



    Do I liquidate haaaaaaaaaaard?!??! and Grab every BTC I caaaaaan???
    Or………. OMG Surf this wave….

    I thought it would happen… but not like this. ~ I was off by 2 hours. x'D~

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