The Bank That Ruined Everything

Wells Fargo and the Creation of Decentralized Finance. Crypto and Blockchain.
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Wells Fargo… is America’s most hated bank. And I’m going to explain why this is actually a good thing.

Wells Fargo has a successful yet rocky and shady history, and this type of controversy sparked by centralized banks with scammy practices is what really pushed innovation with DeFi (Decentralized Finance), Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and any of the “power-to-the-people” technologies of the coming Web 3 era.

While banks like Wells Fargo will not be remembered favorably, they played an important role in bringing to light the issues with traditional finance and the need for decentralized blockchain (crypto) alternatives.

Wells fargo
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  1. This is exactly why Wells Fargo is on my permanent S%$t list, Boeing feel victim to something similar prioritizing stock price and share buybacks over making planes that could fly, this despite the legends of engineers citing concerns and ultimately being ignored due to a short timetable.

  2. That’s why the SEC is going after crypto, because we don’t really need the banks anymore and we can do what they have been doing since day one, make money on our money! Your videos are the really informative, thanks so much Max! ❤️

  3. I was part of Wells Fargo based in the Philippines and I worked as phone banker for US customers. I experienced boiler room in which we were pressured to make sales. I thought it normal to be in that situation working in a bank. As a customer service representative, we did not have capabilities to open bank accounts and other products. We just refer the customers to the sales department. Little did we know that the pressure was more intense in the home country, US.. As a humble worker in the big bank, I was given warning in tagging a customer for a product she did not want. I thought it was a simple act of mistake but my supervisor gave me a hard kick for he had experienced working in a section that closed because of workers' anomaly from his previous company.. He was to eager for clean acts under his authority compared to what happens to the 5,300 employees who were discovered to be making fake accounts without their customer's knowledge in the whole Wells Fargo..

  4. Always feel <better after watching your daily streams, thank you! Wish I could make the Bitcoin conference but I can't. Keep up the good work, Bitcoin showed signs of wanting higher levels still on March 23 as Wall Street trading saw a return above $42,000. I really appreciate the fact that everyone is becoming more aware of digital assets and I no longer have to leave my house or stress myself to earn. More attention should be paid to day trading as it is less afflicted by the unforeseeable of the market. Ive made over 9.05 BTC from day trading with Jeff Erno insights and trade signal in few weeks along with the people around me. Utmost success with Jeff day trading signals.

  5. We think of automation/AI as killing the all the low skill/low labor jobs but it will be the opposite it's going to kill the all the financial jobs /middle men. Imagine Stumpf and all the other bankers in a janitor uniform

  6. Max I think you put a little too many clips in your videos it's starting to feel like a compilation. Maybe slow down on the clips. Just a thought!

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